Reclaimed wood moose head tutorial


pallet moosehead tutorial

Update 1/3/2014: Our moose head now sits center stage in our family room on the recently refurbished fireplace in our new house

I am so excited about this project! It combines two hot items in home decor right now: a moose head and reclaimed wood! I was actually inspired by a Pottery Barn Kids catalog that had a reclaimed wood whale featured on one of its walls. It wasn’t even an item for sale, just a piece of art staged in the room. I fell in love with it the second I saw it, but I knew a whale wouldn’t really fit into our decor. It only took me a second to decide what shape we should use: a moose head! We’ve joked about getting a moose head for months now. Not a real one, but one of the tons of artistic renditions done of them. Even Cody was super excited when I presented this project to him (which was great since he did most of the work). Oh, and did I mention that this project was FREE? Yep, it cost us zip, zero, nada.  We had all the materials already on hand for this project although honestly it doesn’t take much. We used some of the wood left over from the pallet picture frame project as well as some additional pieces of scrap wood lying around the garage. This project can be done using new wood as well; you’ll just have to age it first. Here’s my quick and easy tutorial for how I aged some of the pieces in this project using paint and stain:

How to age wood with paint and stain

For starters you need to find an image you want to replicate. If you are artistic you could always draw your own. I simply Googled “moose head” in Google Images and searched until I found one I thought would make a good silhouette. It was surprisingly harder than I thought to find one I liked , but I finally did.  Next, Cody laid out the wood in a pattern that gave us the most variance in the wood tones. You can see the image I selected below. Cody decided to free hand the image to the wood using a pencil. If you are artistically challenged such as myself you could always have the image blown-up at Office Depot, cut it out, than trace it on to the wood.

pallet moosehead tutorial

Before you start cutting the wood you’ll need to attach them together with vertical pieces on the back side of the wood. Cody used a jig saw to cut out the pattern. Here’s what it looked like half way through:

pallet moosehead tutorial

You may have to continue to brace the pieces together by adding extra pieces to the back depending on your pattern. You can see below that the back of our moose head is not a pretty sight. Luckily, no one will see that side.

diy pallet moosehead

Cody stapled a piece of left over picture hanging wire onto the back of the moose head in order to attach it to the wall.

DIY pallet moosehead

And that’s it! It was actually a really easy project. I am so in love with it, and it’s actually surprising lighter than it looks. We originally hung it on a bare wall in the Living Room behind our front door but because we usually keep our front door open we decided it needed a more prominent spot in the house, so it’s moving into the dining room where it can be seen the second you walk into the house!

DIY pallet moosehead

Pssst….. the family room is finally done!Family Room Reveal

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31 thoughts on “Reclaimed wood moose head tutorial”

  1. Hello!! I am doing a nursery in woodland theme and I absolutely need this moose!!! Is their anyway you sell these?? I would buy one in a heartbeat, don’t have the time to make! Please let me know!! Thanks so much!

    1. Hey Lori! Our moose has always been a big hit, but unfortunately we don’t sell them. I did; however, see almost an exact replica of this one for sale on Etsy! Good luck, and I’d love to see pictures of your nursery when it’s complete!

  2. I collect moose items and asked my husband to make me one of these. Can you share where you got your print from for the creation?

      1. Thanks so much! Hubby is tearing up pallets tonight – it is a long awaited Christmas gift I asked for. But with his work schedule and us not having a garage, the project got put on hold til now.

    1. Hey Michael! My husband actually just free handed the image onto the wood, but you can also print out the picture and take it to a copy store to have it blown up larger.

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