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xoxo Stephanie

Hi! I’m Stephanie. I hope you are enjoying my blog and finding it helpful. Here is a little bit of more information about me and my family.

I am the daughter of an immigrant father and retired navy mother who settled in Virginia when I was young. I met and started dating my husband, Cody, in high school after which we went away to college together and married in 2006. I majored in public history in undergrad and History in graduate school which is probably why our design ascetic often leans towards traditional. It’s also why I’m a dork for etymology and random facts that nobody but Alex Trebek cares about.  I love to travel (anywhere), read (anything), spend time outdoors, stay active, garden, and obviously decorate our house.

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Only a couple months after getting married we bought a 1960 brick fixer upper in the town over from where we grew up and that’s where this journey begins. We have slowly renovated our entire house, doing all the work ourselves with an almost non-existent budget.  Along the way we picked up two daughters, Sophie in 2009 and Lizzie in 2011 who along with our two dogs, Avi and Beaubo, make keeping a comfortable (and clean) house difficult. I spent the first 5 years after college teaching health education to adults and children but in June 2012 I made the huge leap of faith to quit my job and stay home with the kids. It wound up being one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Not only am I able to spend more time with the kids, but I was also able to start this blog as well as free up enough time for Cody to start on his MBA.

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All the work we do on our house is not simply because we enjoy having a beautiful home (although that doesn’t hurt) but because we truly enjoy the challenge of the entire creative process. My favorite part of home decor is the transformation. The moment when you take something ugly, broken, or outdated and make it beautiful and functional again. The more clever the project, the more excited I get about it. In fact I always joke that if we win the lottery I still wouldn’t hire a designer and contractor because I love the feeling of satisfaction that only comes from doing it yourself. I make most of the creative decisions around the house with Cody doing most of the execution. We often joke that I am the designer and he’s the contractor (although some of my favorite projects were actually his idea). After 4 ½ years there is no place in our house that has been left untouched which leaves us feeling a little jittery, so we have started re-doing projects and rooms we’ve already done. Hopefully soon we will be able to find a new project house and start a new journey.



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