Pallet and Burlap picture frame

DIY pallet and burlap frame tutorial I am totally excited to finally share this project with you! I saw this gorgeous reclaimed wood and burlap extra-large picture frame from Iron Accents and instantly fell in love. The problem: It’s $110! The solution: pallets and burlap I had lying around from other projects.  I decided to hang this frame in our hall bathroom. I felt like it needed one more piece of art after we completed the antiqued washroom banner and it fit the rustic vintage theme of the room.  I also had this picture of the girls I had taken a while ago in the tub that I loved. This seemed like the perfect way to utilize it.  This entire project cost me $3.38 ($1.50 for the 8 x 10 print from Target and $1.88 for the decorative nails from Hancock Fabrics). I started this project by prepping the wood. Even though we saved these pallets from a dumpster they were practically new blonde wood and I really wanted to replicate the aged and varied wood tones from the original frame. If you are also starting with blonde wood here is a tutorial I made on how I aged the wood with paint and stain: How to age wood with paint and stain

While I was waiting for the wood to dry I made my picture mat. I had this matting already lying around. I probably took it out of an old frame and it was pretty beat up. The burlap was left over from the burlap art I had made previously for the living room. All I did was cut the burlap slightly larger than the mat and hot glue the outside edges to the back of the mat. Once I was done with the outside edge I used a utility knife to cut out the inside of the mat, then I glued that down as well.

burlap picture mat

Here’s what it looked like when I was all done. I was actually pretty nervous about how the burlap mat would work but it turned out to be super easy.burlap picture matting

Next, I laid out the wood to get the look I was going for. I used the mat as a template to decide how big I wanted the frame to be.

pallet and burlap frame

Using a chop saw Cody trimmed all the wood to be the same length.

pallet and burlap frame

We decided to create a border for the frame using more scrap pallet wood, which was a different wood tone. This allowed us to nail all the different pieces into the top and bottom edge of the interior portion of the frame and ensure that their were no nails showing on the front. We used a pneumatic brad nail gun attached to our air compressor to secure the border to the wood.pallet and burlap frame

Next, I secured the print to the matting simply taping it down with masking tape.pallet and burlap frame

To give the frame so extra flair we decided to attach the mat to the frame using decorative nails (this is an affiliate but is also the exact nails I used) which you can pick up at most craft stores or online.  These came from the upholstery section of Hancock Fabric and are 3/4″ square nails. They also make it easy to switch out the picture in the future as all you have to do it pull out the nails.pallet and burlap frame

After marking where we wanted the nails to go with a black marker we simply hammered them in using a rubber mallet.

pallet and burlap frame

And here it is with the matting all attached!

pallet and burlap frame

To hang the picture Cody attached 2 screws to the back of the frame and connected them with picture hanging wire we had left over from a store bought frame that came with extra. You can also see how ugly the back of the frame is compared to the front.

pallet and burlap frame

And here is the finished product hung up in the bathroom! I love how rustic and yet simple it is.

pallet and burlap frameYou can see how the entire cottage bathroom makeover turned out here. And don’t forget to check out the rustic moose head we made from the remaining pallet wood.


Wood (pallet, reclaimed, or new)


8×10 mat

8x 10 prints


masking tape

3/4″ decorative nails– Affiliate


picture hanging wire

hot glue sticks


chop saw

hot glue gun

nail or brad gun


power screw driver

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  5. I love this idea! I actually have the perfect pallet frame for this, but has some problems in the middle I need to cover up! I love your tutorial and I think I’m going to have to use it! Thanks again!

  6. Stephanie, this is amazing. Love the burlap and wood together. They go great together. I am featuring tomorrow on my blog. Thank you so much for linking up to Get Your DIY On and I hope you’ll join us tomorrow with any furniture makeovers 🙂

    Mandy @ The Hankful House Blog

  7. Your pallet wood frame is exactly what I have been looking for. I have pallets ready to use so I really appreciated your great tutorial on how to age them. Thank you so much!

    • Your welcome Sandy! I was so excited the first time someone gave us pallets and then so bummed when they looked practically brand new! Luckily is so easy to make them look aged. Good luck with your project!

  8. wow-Again, thanks for the great idea!!!I saw some inexpensive bulap placemats and bought a few to keep for something cool- now I know how I’ll use them!Also, been looking for aged pallet wood for months but haven’t found any- my Home Depot had a huge pile of pallets outside their garden shop one day, but wouldn’t let me take one. Now I can age even new wood- thanks!!!