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Top Washer Brand Survey 2023: Real Insights from 517 Washing Machine Owners

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Jason Carter

Top Washer Brand Survey 2023: Real Insights from 517 Washing Machine Owners

Throughout my years as an appliance technician, I’ve seen countless washing machines humming away in American homes. In fact, according to Statista, a staggering 80% of households in the U.S. rely on one. And it’s no surprise, they’re indispensable.

But here’s the challenge:

With so many brands out there, making a choice can be overwhelming. So, to demystify the process, I took matters into my own hands. I spearheaded a comprehensive survey, reaching out to actual users across the nation.

What follows is a distillation of insights and feedback from over 500 participants. My mission? To spotlight the top washer brands of 2023.

Dive in, and let’s uncover the best in the business.

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Key Takeaways From this Survey

This study reveals several interesting facts about washing machine ownership, what owners think about their brands, and more. Here are the biggest takeaways:

  • Whirlpool is the top washer brand in America, with 1 in 4 owners and a 31% recommendation rate.
  • Reliability and performance closely correlate across most brands.
  • Surprisingly, Samsung ranks highest among the top 5 brands for reliability, performance, and customer service.
  • Speed Queen excels but is among the least-owned brands in 2023.
  • Kenmore, despite being popular, sees 32.4% of owners recommending Whirlpool over it.
  • All Frigidaire owners recommend Whirlpool over their brand.
  • Key features for washer buyers in 2023 include load capacity, energy efficiency, and price. Design and smart compatibility matter less.
  • Speed Queen (100%) and Maytag (93.1%) owners report the least complaints.
  • 79% of surveyed owners have no significant washer issues.
  • While the remaining 21% face problems like leaks, odors, and noise.

The report relies on authentic owner reviews but is supplemented with insights from repair experts for a comprehensive perspective.

Whirlpool as Top Choice in 1 of 4 U.S. Households

Our survey analyzed the brand ownership of washing machines across U.S. households, featuring 17 different brands. The top six brands—Whirlpool, Maytag, Kenmore, Samsung, LG, and GE Appliances—dominate the market, making up about 90% of all washing machines owned.

Washer Brand Ownership Survey US
  1. Whirlpool: 25.1%
  2. Maytag: 13.9%
  3. Kenmore: 13.7%
  4. Samsung: 13.1%
  5. LG: 12.5%
  6. GE Appliances: 11.6%

The remaining 10% is divided among the following brands, listed with their respective ownership percentages:

  • Amana: 3.1%
  • Electrolux: 1.4%
  • Speed Queen: 1.2%
  • Bosch: 1.0%
  • Frigidaire: 1.0%
  • Roper: 1.0%
  • Hotpoint, Miele, Insignia, Laundry Mat, and Magic Chief combined: 1.5%

The results not only highlight a range of preferences among current owners but also emphasize the wide variety of options available to potential buyers.

A Quick Look at the Top 5 Brands

1. Whirlpool

Whirlpool, a reputable American brand, is known for its durable, high-quality appliances. It offers a variety of washers tailored to various needs including size, loading style, and capacity. Owners highlight reliability, energy efficiency, user-friendliness, and performance as key advantages of Whirlpool laundry appliances.

2. Maytag

Maytag Logo

Maytag is a beloved brand known for its robust, long-lasting, and dependable washers. Unlike many other brands, Maytag excels in handling large loads and tough stains with ease. Additionally, the company provides a range of distinctive features and enticing incentives for new buyers across its washer lineup.

3. Kenmore

Kenmore Logo

Kenmore, one of the oldest U.S. washing machine brands, has become a household name. Current owners appreciate these washing machines for their functionality, innovation, and distinctive designs. This brand also caters to various budget sizes, offering washer options for all. Furthermore, Kenmore washers provide extensive control over fabric types, cycles, and loads, ensuring users have precise settings for their needs.

4. Samsung

Samsung Logo

Samsung combines technology, efficiency, and a wealth of features, making it a top choice for those seeking both style and utility. Renowned for its innovation, this brand excels not only in design but also in feature and functionality development. Notably, Samsung washer owners highly value the convenience of smart controls and the brand’s consistent technological leadership in the industry.

5. LG

LG logo

Much like Samsung, LG is recognized for its innovation and technology-driven approach. It enjoys global popularity and is considered a reliable brand by many. Owners appreciate LG for striking a balance between innovation and affordability. Thus, providing a diverse range of options at reasonable price points.

Noteworthy Lesser-Owned Brands: Strengths and Weaknesses

GE Appliances, while not in the top five most-owned brands, is still widely recognized for its innovative features like the Ultra-Fresh Vent system, SmartDispense, and built-in WiFi.

On the other hand, brands like Electrolux, Bosch, and Speed Queen show some significant limitations as per buyer feedback:

  • Electrolux: This European brand offers high-end, stylish washers but faces challenges with installation, servicing, and repair, making it less attractive compared to American options.
  • Bosch: Known for design and quality, Bosch washers have been cited for reliability and performance issues.
  • Speed Queen: Interestingly, this brand received the highest satisfaction scores among its owners. Credited for an average operational life of 25 years by The NY Times, it falls short in consumer endorsements due to its high cost, lack of modern features, and energy inefficiency.

The survey thus emphasizes that while some lesser-known brands have standout features, they also come with drawbacks that consumers should consider.

Over 70% of Washer Owners Satisfied with Reliability

Consumer Reports highlight reliability as a key factor for those in the market for a washing machine. Our survey aligns with this sentiment, demonstrating that over 70% of washer owners are pleased with their appliance’s reliability.

Reliability Rating Distribution Chart Washer Owners

Survey Findings

  • 46.1% awarded a perfect 5-point reliability rating.
  • 25.7% scored their washers 4 points.
  • 19.7% gave a moderate 3-point rating.
  • 5.2% and 3.3% rated their washers 2 and 1 points, respectively.

Top Brands by Reliability Score

  • Samsung: Outstanding at 4.4 out of 5.
  • Whirlpool: Strong with 4.2 out of 5.
  • Maytag and Kenmore: Both solid at 4.1.
  • LG: A lower yet above-median 3.9; minor reliability issues noted, such as spare part availability.

The Exception and the Letdown

  • Most Reliable: Speed Queen shines with a near-perfect 4.5, credited to its simpler, less feature-heavy design.
  • Least Reliable: Bosch lags with a 2.6 rating, marked down for underperformance and leak issues.

Samsung and Speed Queen Dominate in Washer Performance

Our survey extends beyond reliability to gauge how well various washing machines perform. The results show that a large majority of owners are satisfied with their machines’ performance.

Performance Rating Distribution Chart Washer Owners Survey

Performance Ratings Overview

  • 42.3% of respondents gave a 5-point rating, indicating top-notch performance.
  • 29% scored their washers 4 points, while 19.3% provided a 3-point rating.
  • A minority, with 5.2% and 4.2%, rated their washers at 2 and 1 points, respectively.

Top Brands by Performance Score

  • Samsung: Exceptional at 4.4, thanks to its fast and efficient washing cycles.
  • Maytag: Strong showing at 4.1 points.
  • Whirlpool and Kenmore: Each scored 4.0 points, revealing a gap between reliability and performance metrics.
  • LG: Consistent at 3.9, matching its reliability score.

Noteworthy Performers

  • Best in Class: Speed Queen impresses with a stellar 4.7, even outdoing its high reliability score.
  • Least Effective: Bosch lags in performance, managing only a 2.8-point rating.

The performance data underscores not only the satisfaction levels among current owners but also serves as a robust guideline for potential buyers evaluating various brands on performance.

10% of Washer Owners Dissatisfied with Customer Service

Customer service is a crucial aspect of the overall consumer experience, and this survey reveals a mixed bag when it comes to satisfaction in this area.

Customer Service Rating Distribution Chart Washer Owners Survey

Customer Service Ratings

  • 38.2% of respondents gave a top-notch 5-point rating.
  • 25.3% awarded 4 points, while 26.3% chose a middling 3 points.
  • 5% and 5.2% marked their experiences as subpar, assigning 2 and 1 points, respectively.

It’s worth noting that for the first time in our surveys, 3-point ratings outnumbered 4-point ratings. Also, dissatisfaction levels (sum of ratings under 2 points) crossed the 10% threshold, signaling room for improvement in customer service across brands.

Brand-Specific Insights

  • Samsung: Leads with a 4.1 average, highlighting effective customer support.
  • Whirlpool and Maytag: Follow closely with a solid 4.0.
  • LG and Kenmore: Lag slightly at 3.8 and 3.7, respectively.

The Exception and the Letdown

  • Best in Customer Service: Speed Queen triumphs with an average of 4.3 points.
  • Least Satisfactory: Bosch remains at the bottom, scoring an average of 2.6 points.

Whirlpool Leads in Owner Recommendations, While Kenmore Falls Short

To better gauge brand loyalty and customer satisfaction, our survey investigated two main questions:

  1. Would current owners recommend their washing machine brand to others?
  2. If not, which alternative brand would they suggest?
Recommended Washers by Current Owners Washer Survey 2023

Whirlpool: The Popular Choice

Whirlpool topped the list with 31.1% of owners recommending it. The brand excels in several areas such as large load capacity, diverse features, energy efficiency, and overall reliability. Furthermore, an overwhelming 70% of Whirlpool owners are willing to endorse their machines to others.

Other Noteworthy Recommendations

  • Maytag: 17.1%
  • Samsung: 16.1%
  • GE Appliances: 12.8%
  • LG: 11.5%

A Twist in Loyalty

Kenmore presents an interesting case. Despite a solid reliability rating, the brand falls behind in owner recommendations. Notably, over 32% of Kenmore owners suggested Whirlpool as a better alternative, signaling potential gaps in brand loyalty.

This set of findings offers valuable insights for both current and prospective washing machine owners, enriching our understanding of consumer preferences and brand performance.

The graphical form of the table below can be downloaded here (free to use).

Owner Brand

Their Top Recommendation

Percentage of Owners Recommending (%)

Notes to Keep in Mind

Whirlpool Logo



Most recommended overall (31.1%)

Maytag Logo



Whirlpool subsidiary

Kenmore Logo



Only 15.5% of Kenmore owners recommended their brand

Samsung Logo




LG logo




GE appliances logo

GE Appliances



Amana Logo



Whirlpool subsidiary

Electrolux Logo



Only 28.6% of Electrolux owners recommended their brand. European brand.

Speed Queen Logo

Speed Queen


Highest recommendation.

Bosch Logo




Frigidaire Logo



None (0%) of the Frigidaire owners recommended their brand

Roper Appliances Logo



Only 25% of Roper owners recommended their brand




This is a sum of recommendations from the least prominent brands on the list; i.e. Hotpoint, Miele, Insignia, Laundry Mat, and Magic Chef.

Top Features Valued by Washer Buyers: Load Capacity Leads the Way

When deciding on a new washing machine, knowing what features matter most can be invaluable. Our survey dives into the specifics, uncovering what washer buyers prioritize.

Most Important Features for Washing Machine Owners Survey

Key Features Ranked by Importance

  1. Load Capacity (71.4%)
    A top concern for most, load capacity affects the volume of laundry that can be washed per cycle. Brands like Whirlpool, Samsung, and LG emphasize this feature. It’s crucial to select a capacity that meets your household’s laundry needs.
  2. Energy Efficiency (68.7%)
    With growing eco-consciousness, energy-efficient washers have gained prominence. These models not only reduce electricity usage but also lower utility bills. Whirlpool excels in this aspect according to user feedback.
  3. Price (56.2%)
    Cost factors into the equation, varying based on type, size, and brand among other features. Kenmore stands out for its affordability.
  4. Water Efficiency (45.9%)
    Another eco-friendly attribute, water-efficient washers curtail utility costs and environmental impact. Brands like Samsung and LG score highly for their low Water Factor (WF) ratings.
  5. Warranty (36.5%)
    The length and comprehensiveness of a warranty can speak volumes about an appliance’s quality. Speed Queen and Maytag are noted for their robust warranty packages.
  6. Cycle Options (35.3%)
    Flexible cycle settings, offering variations like steam, quick wash, and sanitize, enhance usability. Kenmore, LG, and Samsung are frequently cited for their range of cycle options.
  7. Noise Level (31.9%)
    For those seeking quieter operation, Bosch offers machines with EcoSilence Drive motors and AntiVibration features. Speed Queen’s newer models are also geared for quieter functioning.

79% of Washing Machine Owners Have No Issues to Report

In a concluding question in our survey, we aimed to uncover any prevalent problems that owners may have faced with their washing machines. The good news is that a significant 79% of respondents reported experiencing no issues.

For the 21% who did experience issues, their concerns ranged from technical glitches to performance inefficiencies.

Faults or Issues to Report Washing Machine Owners Survey

Here’s a quick breakdown of issues reported per brand. The graphical form of the table below can be downloaded here (free to use).

Issues Reported

(Color Code: Mild/IsolatedSlightly RecurrentSerious)


Technical Failure

Performance Issues

Noise Complaints

Other Issues

Whirlpool Logo

* Premature failure (2)

* Broken belt (2)

*Faulty door latch/switch (1)

* Leaking water (1)

* Low quality agitator (1)

* Not cleaning (5)

* Overfilling (1)

* Not draining (2)

* Not spinning (2)

* Not heating (1)

Yes (1)

* Mold/mildew formation (1)

Maytag Logo

* Sensor failure (1)

* Premature failure (1)

* Not filling (1)

* Not draining (1)

Yes (1)


Kenmore Logo

* Leaking oil (1)

* Leaking water (1)

* Faulty door latch/switch (2)

* Premature failure (4)

* Agitator tangling clothes (1)

* Not cleaning (4)

* Not filling (1)

* Not draining (1)

* Dispenser malfunction (1)


* Not easy to clean (1)

* Bad odors (1)

Samsung Logo

* Premature failure (1)

* Dead pump (1)

* Glass top broken (1)

* Sensor failure (1)

* Bad filter (1)

* Premature failure (1)

* Leaking water (1)

* Not spinning (1)

Yes (1)

* Violent vibrations (1)

* Recalls (1)

LG logo

* Leaking water (2)

* Glass top broken (1)

* Premature failure (1)

* Agitator tangling clothes (1)

* Not filling with water (2)

* Not cleaning (3)

* Black flakes in laundry (1)

* Not draining (1)

* Cold cycle not working (2)

* Not spinning (2)

Yes (4)

* Bad odors (2)

* Mold/mildew formation (2)

GE appliances logo

* Leaking water (2)

* Premature failure (3)

* Agitator tangling clothes (5)

* Not balanced (2)

* Sensor failure (1)

* Faulty door latch/switch (1)

* Not cleaning (3)

* Black flakes in laundry (1)

Yes (2)

* Mold/mildew formation (1)

Amana Logo

* Bad drum springs (1)

* Not cleaning (2)

Yes (1)


Electrolux Logo

* Failing start buttons (2)

* Leaking water (1)

None reported

Speed Queen Logo

None reported

A Deep Dive into Washer Performance and Technical Issues

From our comprehensive survey, several recurring issues stand out, affecting various brands differently. Here’s an in-depth look:

Performance-Related Issues:

  1. Cleaning Concerns: The most common issue reported was washing machines not effectively cleaning clothes. Brands most affected by this issue include Whirlpool, Kenmore, LG, and GE Appliances.
  2. Drainage Difficulties: Several participants noted problems with washers not draining properly.
  3. Filling Troubles: Older LG models, in particular, exhibited problems related to water filling.

Technical Challenges:

  1. Premature Failures: This problem was reported across most major brands. However, GE Appliances and Kenmore were highlighted as the most affected.
  2. Design Flaws in Top Load Washers: GE washer owners mentioned issues related to the agitator tangling clothes.
  3. Other Noted Issues: These encompass water leaks, sensor malfunctions, and issues with door latches or switches.

Noise Levels:

LG was most frequently cited for noise concerns, making it the loudest washer brand. GE Appliances trailed closely behind in this regard.

Overall Brand Feedback:

  • Least Complaints: Maytag, Samsung, and Speed Queen stood out positively, receiving minimal negative feedback.
  • Most Criticized: LG faced the most criticism, particularly concerning performance and noise disturbances.

Expert Insights: What Appliance Repair Professionals Have to Say

When discussing washing machine reliability and performance, the insights of seasoned appliance repair professionals are invaluable. As a repairman myself, I’ve seen countless issues across various washer brands, allowing me to accumulate a wealth of experience. To further validate the findings of this report, I consulted with industry peers and experts.

Here are some key points distilled from our discussions:

On Reliability and Longevity: A Closer Look at Samsung

Despite Samsung’s high reliability ranking in our survey—second only to Speed Queen—it’s worth exercising caution. Samsung washers perform impressively well when new, but their long-term durability is in question.

Jeff Grover, a seasoned washer expert based in New York, notes, “Samsung and LG models boast an array of features and functionalities not commonly found in other brands. However, this complexity can lead to potential issues, making them expensive to repair and maintain.”

The Hidden Costs: Repair and Maintenance

Overall user experience extends beyond an appliance’s mechanical performance—it also considers the ongoing operational costs. Our discussion with industry experts revealed that Samsung and LG rank unfavorably in terms of repair costs.

Ben Coleson, a Los Angeles-based repairman, elaborates, “Limited availability of spare parts in the U.S., especially for these South Korean brands, complicates repair work. Additionally, their complex engineering means fewer technicians are qualified to handle repairs—resulting in higher service fees.”

The graphical form of the table below can be downloaded here (free to use).

Common Problems

Whirlpool logo
Maytag logo
Samsung logo
LG logo
Kenmore logo
GE Appliances logo

Rubber door gasket







Lid switch failure







Water inlet valve







Drain pump







Drive belt







Not All Speed Queens Are Created Equal

Speed Queen consistently receives high recommendations online and in our survey due to its reliability and performance. However, the brand isn’t universally flawless.

Experts have observed that newer 2018 TR Series models lag in cleaning efficacy compared to their older 2017 TC counterparts, as substantiated by tests conducted by Eugene Pallas from Lorain Furniture & Appliances.

Avoidable Issues: A Word on Maintenance

Many of the problems cited in our survey can be easily prevented or rectified through proper appliance care. Mark Mills, a New York-based used appliance salesman and repairman, advises, “Unbalanced loads can lead to excessive vibrations, and poor cleaning practices can result in mold or unpleasant odors. Simple measures like regular cleaning can significantly extend the lifespan of these machines.”

Adding to this, Ben Coleson states, “Common ‘issues,’ like the machine not filling up, are often not machine issues at all. They may stem from low water pressure, a blocked inlet hose, or not properly securing the appliance lid.”

Regular maintenance and research are crucial. Some issues can be easily fixed with a DIY approach, provided you’ve done your homework.

In Summary…

And there you have it.

A rare glimpse into what current washer owners think about their brands, their level of satisfaction, as well as issues any new buyer should expect.

  • Whirlpool (most popular & recommended),
  • Speed Queen (best in durability & reliability),
  • Maytag (dependable & least problematic) emerged as clear winners.

While LG, Kenmore, GE Appliances, and Samsung fell under brands you should consider. Hopefully, the information provided here will ease your next purchase.

A heartfelt thank you to all participants for their time and invaluable insights. Your contributions are greatly appreciated. For those interested in future surveys, please subscribe to our newsletter or join our Simply Swider FB group.

As always, feel free to comment and ask questions below.

Methodology of the Survey

Survey Objective

The principal aim of our study was to identify the leading washing machine brands in the U.S. for 2023.

Online survey here.

Research Approach

We utilized a mixed-methods approach, employing a diverse array of question types—open-ended, multiple-choice, and rating scales—to offer an in-depth view into current owners’ brand preferences.

Tools and Distribution

Google Forms was chosen for its popularity, security, and ease of use, enabling us to efficiently reach a wide, geographically diverse audience.

Sample Size and Demographics

The survey garnered responses from 517 participants across the United States. These respondents were not limited by geographic location and were reached via a pop-up banner on Simply Swider, a home appliance review and troubleshooting website, as well as through our targeted newsletter and Facebook campaign.

Data Collection Method

Data were gathered through an online questionnaire aimed at Simply Swider’s audience of current washing machine owners, thereby capturing a broad range of viewpoints.

Data Analysis Procedure

We analyzed the data using MS Spreadsheet software and Google Sheets, capitalizing on their functionalities for effective organization and visualization of the data. The quantitative aspects were summarized through descriptive statistics like frequencies, percentages, and medians.

Limitations of the Survey

  1. Sample Size for Some Brands: Some less popular washer brands were underrepresented, affecting the reliability of their respective data.
  2. Quality of Responses: Inconsistent or incorrect responses were also noted, prompting cautious interpretation and reporting of those particular results.


While not without limitations, the methodology of this 2023 survey was constructed to furnish a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of consumer preferences and satisfaction levels concerning washing machine brands in the United States.

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