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Troubleshooting a Leaky Frigidaire Refrigerator: What You Need to Know

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Jason Carter

Troubleshooting a Leaky Frigidaire Refrigerator: What You Need to Know

Listen up:

If you’ve discovered your Frigidaire refrigerator leaking water, trust me, you’re not alone.

Last week, I dealt with three leaky Frigidaires, one threatening to ruin a gorgeous hardwood floor.

Here’s the deal:

You’re in the right place to solve this issue. I’ve fixed more than my fair share of leaky refrigerators, and I can help you patch up yours.

So, grab your tools, and let’s dive in. We’re going to get that Frigidaire back in shape.

Frigidaire Refrigerator Leaking Water

Why Is Your Frigidaire Refrigerator Leaking Water?

If your Frigidaire refrigerator has begun to leak, it could be due to a broken drain pan or a faulty water inlet valve. Additionally, your fridge will leak if the defrost drain is clogged or if there are issues with its water filter or water filter housing.

All the same:

A leaking refrigerator could ruin your wooden floors, create a serious hazard, and also imply underlying issues with your fridge.

Hence, you’ll need to get it fixed as soon as possible.

With this in mind:

I reached out to my old friend, Simon Peterson, a Nashville-certified appliance technician, for tips and tricks for fixing a leaky Frigidaire refrigerator.

In this extensive guide, I’ll walk you through the common issues that will cause your fridge to leak. I’ll also share the great DIY hacks Simon recommended for troubleshooting this problem.

Sit tight and keep scrolling!

Frigidaire Fridge Leaks: Identifying the Top 5 Causes and How to Fix Them

Commonly Affected PartsEstimated Cost
Drain pan$40 – $85
Water inlet valve$40 – $50
Defrost drain$130 – $170
Water filter$18 – $50
Water filter housing$50 – $65

1. Broken Drain Pan

PartDrain pan
LocationIt is located underneath the refrigerator, close to the compressor and the condenser fan
Ease of troubleshootingEasy
Cost$40 – $85
RepairableNo – once broken, it must be replaced


The drain panis the first thing you must inspect when dealing with a leaky Frigidaire.

From my experience, a broken drain pan is one of the most common reasons you’ll find a puddle of water around your refrigerator.

Here’s why:

Your Frigidaire’s drain pan collects water condensate from your refrigerator. The water it collects typically evaporates after a while, preventing the drain pan from overflowing.


Once the drain pan cracks or gets broken, water will slip through the cracks. This leaves you with a watery puddle on your kitchen floor.

Also, if the drain pan becomes loose, it can cause your fridge to make rattling noises.


Last April:

Trisha, a member of our Facebook community, reached out to me for help when her Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator suddenly began to leak.

When I removed the access panel of her fridge and pulled out the drain pan, I discovered it had a large crack by its side, which caused her fridge to leak.

As such:

I’d recommend inspecting your drain pan for damage or cracks.


If you discover the drain pan is broken, the only way you can stop your fridge from leaking is by changing it.

Thankfully, Simon recommended a step-by-step guide to help you replace the drain pan.

He says:

“Begin by unplugging your refrigerator. Also, purchase a new drain pan kit before you attempt the steps below.”

  • Step 1: Pull the refrigerator forward until you can easily access its back.
  • Step 2: Remove the screws securing the access panel at the back of the Frigidaire.
  • Step 3: Locate the drain pan in your Frigidaire and gently check the left-hand side for a release tab.
  • Step 4: Press the release tab and gently slide the faulty drain pan out.
Release tab on drain pan refrigerator
  • Step 5: With a new drain pan on standby, apply the cement adhesive in the kit around the base of the drain. This cement will help secure the drain pan to the compressor.
Applying cement adhesive to new drain pan refrigerator
  • Step 6: Locate the small metal bracket on the compressor.
Metal bracket on compressor refrigerator
  • Step 7: Gently raise the tab on the new drain pan and slide it over the metal bracket.
  • Step 8: Push the drain pan until it locks in place.

However, Simon adds:

“If the drain pan is still intact, it doesn’t need to be replaced. In this case, you’ll need to inspect other parts of the refrigerator to find out where the leak is coming from.”

2. Faulty Water Inlet Valve

Refrigerator inlet water valve was broken and has been replaced
PartWater inlet valve
LocationIt is found on the bottom left corner at the rear of the refrigerator
Ease of troubleshootingDifficult
Cost$40 – $50
RepairableNo – once damaged, it must be replaced


If the drain pan in your Frigidaire is intact, the next thing you should inspect is the water inlet valve.

In a nutshell:

The water inlet valve in your refrigerator channels water to the dispenser and icemaker. If the valve is faulty or damaged, the water it’s supposed to channel will leak onto your kitchen floor.


It’s pretty easy to verify if the water inlet valve is faulty. All you need to do is open the access panel at the back of the refrigerator and inspect the valve.

Frigidaire Refrigerator Faulty Water Inlet Valve


If water is dripping from the water inlet valve, it means the valve is faulty and needs to be replaced.


Simon and I recently came across a post by a Reddit user complaining that his Frigidaire FFHB2740PSBA was leaking.

After reading his comments, we believed the water inlet valve of the fridge was faulty.


The water inlet valve would have to be replaced to stop the fridge from leaving.

Before attempting to replace the water inlet valve, unplug the fridge from the outlet, and move the fridge forward until you can access the back of the fridge.


Proceed to replace the water inlet valve using the steps below:

  • Step 1: Switch off the water supply valve.
  • Step 2: Remove the access panel and the screws securing the water inlet valve.
Access the fridge back panel of refrigerator
  • Step 3: Place a towel and a bowl underneath the valve.
  • Step 4: Remove the connectors attached to the water inlet valve.
Connectors on the inlet valve
  • Step 5: Gently remove the water lines attached to the valve.
Removing water lines attached to the inlet valve
  • Step 6: Install the water lines unto the new valve. As the lines are color-coded, they can easily be installed ono the new valve.
Installing water lines to new inlet valve
  • Step 7: Attach the connectors to the new valve.
  • Step 8: Mount the new valve onto the refrigerator using the mounting screws.


Close the back panel of the refrigerator and turn it back on. The new water inlet valve will prevent your fridge from leaking.

3. Clogged Defrost Drain

Frigidaire Refrigerator Clogged Defrost Drain
PartDefrost drain
LocationIt is located inside the back panel of the fridge, beneath the evaporator coils
Ease of troubleshootingEasy
Cost$130 – $170
RepairableYes – if clogged or frozen, it can be cleaned or defrosted


Although your refrigerator is equipped with a defrost drain to prevent it from leaking, the drain is one of the major causes of a leaky fridge.

You see:

The defrost drain is primarily designed to channel water condensate dripping from the evaporator coils into the drain pan.

In Simon’s words:

“If the hole meant for the passage of water is clogged or frozen, water will accumulate on the defrost drain and eventually spill onto the floor.”


If you suspect the defrost drain in your Frigidaire is frozen, you’ll need to unplug your fridge first.


Open the fridge door and take off the back panel. Typically, you’ll find the defrost drain underneath the evaporator coils.

If it is clogged with debris or ice, you’ve found the cause of your leaking refrigerator.


I recently read a Reddit user’s post on how he’d been finding puddles of water around his Frigidaire (Model: FFSS2614QS6A), even after he’d turned the water line off.

Not long after:

The reader posted a follow-up comment about how he’d found an ice chunk clogging the freezer drain. After getting rid of the ice chunk, he ended the leaking issue.

As such:

If you discover the defrost drain is frozen, you’ll need to thaw the ice on it. You can do this by carefully pouring warm water into the drain to flush the ice out.


To prevent the defrost drain from getting frozen in the near future, inspect the defrost heater for aluminum drain straps.

The aluminum drain straps connect the defrost heater to the defrost drain. This helps to thaw the ice on the drain.

Detached aluminum straps


I recommend reconnecting the straps to the defrost drain if they aren’t properly connected. If they are missing, you can purchase new straps and install them onto the drain.

4. Water Filter Issues

PartWater filter
LocationIt is located at the top right corner of the refrigerator compartment, inside the filter housing
Ease of troubleshootingEasy
Cost$18 – $50
RepairableNo – once damaged or worn out, it must be replaced
Frigidaire Refrigerator Water Filter


The water filter is responsible for filtering out contaminants from water before it comes out of the dispenser or icemaker. However, it can also cause your Frigidaire to leak.

Here’s how:

The water filter needs to be aligned properly inside your refrigerator. If this isn’t done properly, water will leak from the filter and eventually end up on your kitchen floor


Isaac, a member of our Facebook community, reached out to Simon when his Frigidaire refrigerator started leaking water shortly after he’d changed the water filter.


When Simon opened the refrigerator and inspected the water filter, he realized the water filter wasn’t inserted properly. The misaligned water filter caused his fridge to leak.

In essence:

If your fridge began to leak shortly after you replaced the water filter, inspect the filter to be sure you inserted it correctly.

Also, inspect the filter for physical damage.


If the water filter is misaligned, all you need to do is remove it from the filter housing and reinsert it properly. However, if the filter is damaged, you’ll need to replace it with a new one.

Here’s what you need to do:

Unplug the refrigerator and switch off the water supply valve. Afterward, you can replace the water filter by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Open the fridge and locate the water filter. It is usually found on the top right portion of the refrigerator.
Water filter refrigerator
  • Step 2: Remove the water filter cover by turning it counterclockwise.
Removing the water filter cover
  • Step 3: Remove the old water filter and inspect for damage.
Removing the water filter refrigerator
  • Step 4: If the filter is damaged, insert the new water filter into the housing.
  • Step 5: Reinstall the water filter cover.

Once you’re done:

Plug your refrigerator and observe it for a few days. If the filter is inserted properly, the leaking problem will cease.

5. Damaged Water Filter Housing

PartWater filter housing
LocationIt is located in the top right portion of the refrigerator compartment, inside the housing cover
Ease of troubleshootingDifficult
Cost$50 – $65
RepairableNo – once broken, it must be replaced


If you’re sure the water leaking inside the fridge isn’t because of a damaged or misaligned water filter, inspect the water filter housing.

Over time:

The water filter housing will weaken with age. Eventually, the housing will become so weak that it will cause your Frigidaire to leak.


One of the easiest ways to know if the water filter housing has failed is by inspecting the housing for cracks.

Simon adds:

“Once there are cracks on the housing, it must be replaced. Also, if the Frigidaire stops dispensing water, the filter housing is the most probable cause.”


Marcus, a member of our Facebook community, recently reached out when his Frigidaire seemed to be leaking from its water filter compartment.

Even after he’d replaced the water filter and ensured the filter was aligned correctly, the compartment kept leaking.

Upon hearing this:

I suspected the water filter housing was damaged. Sure enough, when I inspected it, there was a small crack beneath the housing.

As expected, when I changed the water filter housing, the leaking stopped.

You can achieve similar results by following the steps below:

  • Step 1: Unplug the refrigerator and switch off the water supply valve.
  • Step 2: Locate the water filter compartment.
  • Step 3: Remove the screws securing the cover around the water filter housing.
Removing cover on water filter housing
  • Step 4: Remove the cover and locate the screws securing the housing to the refrigerator.
Mounting screws on the filter housing
  • Step 5: Remove the water lines attached to the housing using a flathead screwdriver.
Removing water lines attached to the filter housing
  • Step 6: Remove the water filter cover by turning it counterclockwise.
  • Step 7: Remove the old water filter. If damaged, the filter will need to be replaced.
  • Step 8: Install the water filter into the new housing.
Installing Water filter Housing
  • Step 9: Install the water filter cover by turning it clockwise.
  • Step 10: Reconnect water lines to the water filter housing.
  • Step 11: Mount the housing to the fridge and install the cover around the housing.


Test the water dispenser to purge any air in the water lines and ensure the dispenser is working properly.

Models Most Affected

Frigidaire refrigerators are notorious for having a couple of faults, from leaking issues to cooling-related issues. As regards leaking-related issues, some models stand out—as they leak more frequently than others.

Based on user reviews, the model and model-specific reasons are shown in the table below:

Model NumberModel NumberModel-specific Reason
FFSS2615TSFrigidaire 36 Inch Side by Side RefrigeratorThis model’s water filter easily develops faults, which can result in leakages in the fridge
LFHB2751TF4Frigidaire 26.7 Cu. Ft. French Door RefrigeratorThe water valve system for this model is relatively fragile. In addition, users often complain about the tendency of the ice maker to drip, causing the fridge to leak.
FGHS2631PF4AFrigidaire Gallery 25.6 Cu. Ft. Side by Side RefrigeratorThe defrost system of this model often develops issues. This causes the defrost drain to overflow, resulting in a leaking refrigerator.
FRU17G4JW6Frigidaire 16.7 Cu. Ft. RefrigeratorBroken drain pan could cause your fridge to leak.
FGHS2368LE3Frigidaire Gallery 22.6 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator (Discontinued model)Faulty ice maker and water filter can cause the fridge to leak.
FFTR1814QWFrigidaire 18 Cu. Ft. Top Freezer RefrigeratorThe defrost drain system of this model often gets clogged or frozen, leading to leaks.
FFHT1821QS0Frigidaire 18 Cu. Ft. Top Freezer RefrigeratorThe defrost drain for the freezer on this model easily gets clogged.
FRS6LR5EM6Frigidaire 26 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator (Discontinued model)Faulty defrost drain system.
FRT18HS6JSOFrigidaire 18 Cu. Ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator (Discontinued model)Faulty ice maker and a fragile drain pan.
GRSS2652AFFrigidaire Gallery 25.6 Cu. Ft. 56” Standard Depth Side by Side RefrigeratorFaulty defrost drain and fragile water dispenser.
GRFS2835AFFrigidaire 27.8 Cu. Ft. French Door RefrigeratorThe ice maker and water dispenser in this model are relatively weak. Thus, they tend to leak water.
FFHS2611LWKAFrigidaire 26 Cu. Ft. Side by Side RefrigeratorThe defrost drain system for the freezer on this model easily gets frozen. As such, water tends to spill from the freezer, causing the fridge to leak.
FGUS2642LF2Frigidaire Gallery 26 Cu. Ft. Side by Side RefrigeratorThe defrost drain of this model is defective, which causes your fridge to leak.
FRT21C5AW6Frigidaire 20.5 Top Mount RefrigeratorFaulty water inlet valve. 
FRT18S6AWAFrigidaire 18.2 Cu. Ft. Freestanding Top-Freezer RefrigeratorFragile drain pan.

The Bottom Line

All in all:

Several factors can account for the puddle of water you’ve found around your fridge.

A leaking Frigidaire could be caused by a broken drain pan or faulty water inlet valve. A clogged defrost drain, misaligned or damaged water filter, and damaged water filter housing can also cause your fridge to leak.


You can troubleshoot all of these issues by:

  • Replacing the drain pan
  • Replacing the water inlet valve
  • Defrosting and cleaning the defrost drain
  • Changing the water filter
  • Replacing the water filter housing

There you have it!

With these tips, you’ll no longer have to deal with a leaking Frigidaire refrigerator. If you need further guidance from an appliance technician, we’re happy to help. You can reach us using the “Ask the Expert” Facebook group.


Would you like to share your experience troubleshooting this problem? Drop your comments in the section below!

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