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Cedar planked headboard wall in the guest room

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Jason Carter

Cedar planked headboard wall in the guest room

cedar planked headboard wall

My best friend and her family came for a 2-week visit from North Dakota recently, so we decided it was finally time to make an actual guest room. We’ve actually had this tiny green room all along, but it’s mostly been used for storage/dog sleeping room.

Guest Room Before Makeover

I decided to go with a neutral masculine color scheme seeing as we get all different types of guests. The end product is sort of a modern camp style.

First off, I painted the room Gray Ghost just like our master, hallway, kitchen, and family room. Clearly, we like the color.

Second, we paneled the wall with cedar siding. This was not only cost-effective at $60 for the bundle but also went up quickly and easily. Originally I had planned on staining the wood, but in the end, we decided it was so beautiful and smelled so good that it wasn’t worth the extra effort.

Cedar Planked Headboard

Next, we built a platform bed for the mattress. We knew we were moving our old king-sized mattress into this pixie-sized room so I wanted to keep the new bed as streamlined as possible.

We finished off the sides of the bed with cedar 1x8s.

Finally, we built floating tables to provide function, but keep the footprint of the bed small. We picked up the lights from Ikea about 6 years ago but had never got around to installing them anywhere.

Built Floating Tables

Last, but not least, we added all the bedding which was conveniently all found at Target.

So the guest room is now officially nicer than our master bedroom! I’ll admit we’ve spent a couple of hours sipping wine and laying on the bed enjoying how warm and comfortable the room feels. We still need to add some more art work and makeover a dresser in the room, but for now, our guests are pretty psyched to not be sleeping on an air mattress.

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