Master Bedroom Built-Ins And The Perfect Brass Sconce -

Master Bedroom Built-Ins And The Perfect Brass Sconce

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Jason Carter

Master Bedroom Built-Ins And The Perfect Brass Sconce

When Barn Light Electric approached me a couple of months ago about collaborating on a project our master bedroom needs some serious love. But I had a vision of what the room could be and knew that with their beautiful lighting, we could pull it off. If you are not familiar with Barn Light Electric then you are seriously missing out. I detailed them way back here when I first started blogging, and I designed the entire kitchen around their schoolhouse pendant lights.

For the master bedroom, I really wanted some brass wall sconces for either side of the bookcases to act as reading lights. I knew the brass would pop against the amazing wall color we picked (more details below). Here were my favs that I narrowed it down to:

It was a hard choice but in the end, we choose the Downtown Minimalist Brass Plug-In Sconce. I loved the traditional brass finish combined with a more modern design.

Brass Sconce

One thing I love about Barn Light Electric is that most of their lights are semi-customizable. We choose the raw brass finish (it comes in 29 colors!) with the gold and white cord and the 25W Victorian Edison bulb. They also sell this sconce hardwired, but we choose the cord so that we would have an on/off switch accessible while laying in bed. The Victorian Edison bulb puts out the perfect romantic glow without blinding you if you switch it on in the middle of the night.

Master Bedroom

Overall we couldn’t be more pleased with the lights or how amazing they look against the paint. And since I know you are dying to ask: the paint color is blue echo by Benjamin Moore. And if you’re new here you can see how we built the bookcases and wainscoting here.

Check Drawers Blue

I seriously heart brass. I can’t believe I once thought brushed nickel was superior to its warmth. Silly me!

Master Bedroom

The wall color couldn’t be more perfect. I wanted something dark and moody and this blue/green is just perfect. It changes color depending on the light coming from the windows.

Master Bedroom

I just can’t get enough of how the brass looks against the teal.

Master Bedroom

We have some super fancy ideas for the ceiling as well as plans for a new floor and headboard. Obviously, the shelves need styling, but considering how bad I am at that I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for a picture.

For now, can we all just take a sigh of relief that the room no longer looks like this:

Master Bedroom Before

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