Star Spangeled Sangria

summer sangria

I love Sangria! It’s my go to drink all year and especially when I am having a party. While I typically prefer a red sangria, I choose a white wine for this one so that I could really let the fruit take center stage. I served this at our annual Memorial Day party and it was a big hit. Obviously, it’s also a great choice for 4th of July and Labor Day too. Just a warning: this is a very strong sangria so you may want to serve it in a small glass. I choose to serve it in a white wine glass vs my typical red wine goblet.





4 oz vodka

2 oz triple sec

1 bottle of white wine

2 oz of simply syrup

6 oz of sparkling wine

Mix the fruit with the vodka and triple sec and refrigerate for at least 4 hours or overnight. To get the star-shaped pineapple, trim the skin of the pineapple then slice it into large rounds. Then I simply stick a metal star cookie cutter into the center of each round to cut out the shape.

fruit starsYou can put as little or as much fruit in as you want. For this particular recipe I loaded up on the fruit. When you are ready to serve the Sangria, mix the wine and simple syrup together then add in the fruit/liquor combo.

4th of july cocktail memorial day cocktail Top with the sparkling wine. To  serve add ice to the bottom of a glass fill up the rest of the glass with fruit then pour the sangria on top and enjoy!

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  2. This sounds perfect for our 4th of July Party…what kind of “white wine” and what kind of “sparkling wine” did you use? Thanks!

    • I usually use a cheap dry white like sav blanc or pinot. Same goes for the sparkling wine. I buy the cheapest spumante I can find usually Verdi.

      • Your comment was helpful, where do u find the simple syrup? Also can I use the Verdi as the white wine or just use the white wine?

        • I usually make my own simple syrup. It’s just equal parts water and sugar. Heat the water until the sugar is completely dissolved. If you don’t feel like making it though it can be found bottled at most liquor stores. I prefer to use both a dry white wine and a sparkling wine. If you just the Verdi it may be too bubbly and sweet. I personally like the stronger flavor of a dry white, but in the end you an do whatever you want as long as you like the result.