A new idea for old windows

I’ve been teasing all of you about a new outdoor upcycle project for a while, and I am so excited it is finally done! It was actually a really easy project to do, we’ve just been extra busy lately! Well without further ado here it is:

what to do with old windowsLet’s take a quick step back and I’ll tell you how this project came into fruition.  I had two problems that had been plaguing me:

  1. I had two old windows from our kitchen just sitting on the patio begging for a new life.
  2. The view into our back yard is ugly! There are no gardens and because we have plans to gut the whole area and put in a pool (in like 3 years) we don’t want to waste the time or money to install any.

Here’s the view from our screened in porch.

backyard beforeI was stumped with what to do with this space until I saw this pin! All of my problems seemed suddenly solved. I had a purpose for my old windows and a way to add color and dimension to our old shed,  I was lazy and didn’t take pictures of the whole process but basically we built a box out of cedar and attached it to the front of the windows.

hanging window boxesWe drilled hooks into the overhang on the shed and hung the windows with chain. The chain is simply attached to the window with a screw.

faux windowsAnd here is a window going up.

window boxesOK, you caught me. I really just wanted to show off my hot hubby. But you have to admit that the new (old) faux windows really jazz up the old shed.

how to make window boxesIf you want my secret for making window boxes look lush and full right away check out this post.

flowers in window boxesAnd look how much the view from the porch has improved!

faux windowsIf you want more window box inspiration don’t miss my 17 dreamy window boxes you can easily create yourself and my trick to getting gorgeous window boxes.

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6 thoughts on “A new idea for old windows”

  1. These look great, I would have never thought to use old windows like that. Nice job. Thanks for linking up at the Pinterest Link Party, I will be featuring you tomorrow.

  2. I had an old mirror about 2feet x3 feet and asked hubby to make a window frame for it. Hung it on side of my shed. You can see the flowers reflecting in the mirror. Looks like a real window. I like yours as well. Good job hubby.

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