DIY Bird Aviary

I know it’s been literally forever since I posted anything but we had a busy summer; and honestly we did very little home projects during it.  One thing we did do was become parakeet parents though! Meet Darcy Girl and Mr. Bingley!

The second we got them I knew I didn’t want the dinky little metal cage to be permanent in our house. Nor did I want a giant one that stood out like a sour thumb. Luckily Pinterest and more creative people than me provided me with the perfect alternative: turn an armoire into a bird aviary!

We found this armoire on Facebook marketplace for $75. The curved doors were the major selling point.

The first thing we did was cutout the doors so we could add wire instead.

We also took out a removable panel from the back of the cabinet and cut a hole in the top to add more wire.

Once the cabinet was disassembled it was time to start painting. I decided to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint because it’s non-toxic and I’ve been looking for an excuse to use it.

parakeet cage

I did clean off the cabinet with a tsp substitute first but I didn’t not sand anything. It took 2 coats of paint and one coat of dark wax to finish it.

One of the reasons I wanted a cage that looked more furniture like is that the birds live in our dining room. And as you may remember we recently built a new dining room table and chairs, so I wanted something that would mesh well with the overall design.

My husband built them this fun bird playground out of branches from our yard.

Adding the wire on the top of the cage and the back not only lets in more light but also gave us more places to hang toys and perches like the flower basket that is the birds favorite place to hang out.

The birds love their new cage as it gives them room to fly around and play. It also makes it easier for us to clean up their messes and to get them in and out of their cage.

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