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Photography Workshop Results

I have owned a digital SLR camera for almost 4 years now, and I still don’t really know how to use it. Well, I mean I take all the nice pictures on this blog with it, but I do it all on auto and often the colors don’t come out right or the rooms seem like they have no depth. This weekend I decided to rectify my lack of photography skills by taking the Beginnings Workshop at Warthan Farms Photography. You are probably more familiar with Jennifer Warthan than you think because she is the wonderful photographer who took all the family pictures on my about me page (go check it out if you haven’t).

The class focused on all the fundamentals of how to use your camera as well as how to get the proper exposure. I’m really excited to put all my new skills to use photographing the new house, so be on the look out for better interior shots. Until then, please sit back and enjoy the photos of our wonderful models from the workshop.

Pssst…I’m still not claiming to be a great photographer, and I’m still working on using a manual focus, so go easy on me.

Our first models were these adorable boys and their mom.



Next up, we had a maternity shoot with what has to be the most beautiful pregnant woman ever.


Maybe if I can get my kids to stay still for a second I might be able to use my new found skills to get a great shot of them. Jennifer also offers an Editing Workshop that I’m dying to take since I know absolutely nothing about Photoshop and for those more serious photogs out their Jennifer offers weekend retreats and private mentoring sessions!

Spring Vegetable Garden

It’s officially spring which means it’s time to get the spring vegetable garden planted.  This is our first year having a dedicated vegetable garden. In the past I had just interspersed them with the flowers, but I’m optimistic that we picked the sunniest spot on our property for the new garden, so hopefully we’ll get a great crop this year. We started working on the garden in the fall when we framed out the raised bed to be 4 ft x 12 ft. We then decided to do a lasagna garden. First, we cut the grass back as low as possible, then covered that with damp newspaper. On top of the newspaper we layered dirt, dry leaves, compost, and more dirt. Then we sat back all winter and let mother nature do it’s business. Last week we tilled up the garden to find no newspaper and plenty of rich black soil.

Before I started planting, I made a garden plan using The Garden Planner  tool from Mother Earth News.  Here’s what my plan looked like:

Spring garden plan 2013 Mother earth news

I love this tool because not only can you use it to plan (a favorite past time of mine), but you can also record varieties, plant times, and notes. Oh and did I mention that they’ll send you an e-mail to remind you when to plant and harvest your garden? We planted broccoli, spinach, romaine lettuce, and red onions (all Bonnie seedlings we picked up at Lowe’s). Well, without further ado here’s what our garden looked like on planting day:

spring vegetable garden March 2013 broccoli, spiniach, onions, and romaine lettuce As you can see I need to get a few more of those cute slate markers that I picked up back at a farmer’s market in Vermont during the summer, but otherwise we’re ready to rock and roll. If all goes as plan we should have our first harvest in early May.