Backyard Makeover 1 year later

It’s officially been 1 year since we started planning our massive backyard makeover and guess what???? It’s still not done.  Sigh….. However, the big stuff is finally done so I thought I’d finally share some pictures with you guys.

Here’s a reminder of what we started with:

Back yard

And here’s where we are today:

backyard pool


You can see all the construction pictures here!


outdoor kitchen

backyard pool deck

Pool house

wood pool deck

pool waterfall

backyard makeover with pool


Check out more fence and gate pictures here!

fence with arbor


Beaubo Approves


Here’s what we still have to finish:

  1. Cable railings
  2. Finishing touches around steps
  3. Build bridge between deck and boardwalk
  4. Stain all the decking gray
  5. New furniture and lots of potted plants

Most of this will be done by the fall; and I’ll finally be able to share true “after” pictures with you. We’re just excited that for now the whole space is functional; and we’ve been taking advantage of it with plenty of pool parties.

backyard makeover

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Create an antique gold look with paint and stain

As usual we continue to jump from project to project. We now have 3 of the 4 decks done around the pool, but we had a rainy weekend so we decided to keep plugging away at the industrial half bath makeover. Here’s a reminder of how it started:

half bath before This room actually didn’t come with a mirror. I picked this one up at Home Emporium for $29 with the intention of making it gold. Please excuse the messy garage  in the following picture.

gold gild a mirror


If you remember from the mood board for this room we are going for a glamorous industrial look similar to our foyer which combines gold with rustic accents. This mirror is the little bit of refinement in the otherwise industrial space.

To get started creating the antique gold look I wanted for the mirror I used a spray primer on the frame followed by a coat of metallic gold spray paint.

paint frame gold I highly recommend starting with spray paint if you have a frame as intricate as mine. Painting it with a brush would’ve been a pain. The spray paint gave the frame a “too perfect” finish, so I took some left over gold paint from the nautical bathroom and just dry brushed it on in areas create a less than perfect finish.

I played around with a lot of different paints next to figure out which look I liked best. The moral of this story is: you can’t screw up. Just keep layering paint until you get it right.

What worked best for me was actually the easiest option. I brushed on dark walnut stain then almost immediately wiped it off with an old cloth. You can see in the last picture that the stain collected in the intricate wood work bringing out the details of the frame and giving more depth to the gold paint.

how to gold gild a mirror


I worked in small sections around the frame until I was done. You can always go back and wipe more stain away or add more as you see fit.

Here’s how the room is currently coming together! Please excuse the terrible pictures. This is literally the smallest room in the world and taking pictures of it without being in the mirror is almost impossible.

gol mirror against reclaimed wood


Oh ya did I mention we put reclaimed wood on the wall?

antique gold mirror bathroom

We love how the room is coming along. Especially how the fancy mirror holds it’s own against the rustic wall.

antique gold mirror


If you follow along on facebook or instagram then you know we also added a white penny tile floor and 7 inch baseboards. All that’s left is some shelves and art and it’s a wrap on this half bath!



A beautiful fence and gate with an arbor

fence with pergola

Now that the pool construction is finally done, it’s time to start making the backyard pretty. First up was a new fence. Our old one was falling down and wouldn’t have passed the pool inspection anyway. Here’s what our side yard looked like during construction:

side yard

You can actually see the old fence pulled off in the upper right side of the picture. As you can see the construction pretty much destroyed the yard. This is the main entrance into our backyard so we wanted to make somthing special.

fence with pergola

We decided to build an arbor integrated into the new gate. Isn’t it absolutely stunning?  For the fence the hubby integrated this premade lattice on top of plain old fence boards to dress it up.

pergola with gate

I love how the arbor perfectly frames out the new pool house. Eventually there will be vines growing up the arbor.

fence with arbor

We also built a ground level deck walk way (what we call The Boardwalk) to connect the front of the house to the new pool house. fence with arbor

Behind the fence houses our trashcans and new HVAC units. There will also be lattice on this side to block their view from the boardwalk.

build your own fence

Fences are expensive, so to save a little money we built just a standard plain fence for the sides.

custom fence

I created shade gardens on both sides of the boardwalk with hydrangeas and hostas.

backyard garden

Eventually we will build a small bridge over the stepping stones  to attach the board walk to the new pool decking.

custom fence

On the left side of the house we built a matching gate but with out the arbor.

fence with lattice

This is one of my favorite spots in the yard. Just look at the size of that hosta!

So what do you think about our new fence? Our neighbors have been stopping by to tell us how much they like it. Once the wood acclimates properly (maybe in the fall or next spring) we plan to stain the fence a darker brown and the boardwalk grey. I’ll share more pictures as the plants start to mature as well!

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Surprise! We got a pool!

pool This post has been 6 months coming. You may remember back in January when I mentioned we were working on a super big super secret project……well we got an in ground pool! I’ve shared some pictures of the progress on facebook and instagram, but I was holding off mentioning it on the blog until the pool was actually installed. I thought that would be back in October, but we ran into just about every snag possible combined with terrible winter weather. Our back yard has literally been under construction for the last 6 months. The pool is officially done now but the back yard is still a mess, so bear with me on the still in progress pictures.


pool pool pool construction

pool construction

pool construction


The pool is only 12 x 24 feet and runs from 3 to 5ft deep.  My favorite part is the second step which is 4 feet wide to create a shallow tanning ledge. We went with a pebble gold liner to create a darker grey blue appearance to the water. The pool deck is stamped concrete.

pool construction


Here is a collage of the construction project. #2 was taken in October.

There is still a lot to get done to make the back yard usable. You may have noticed in some of the pictures that we built a pool house (i.e. glorified shed) and put up a new fence. I’ll share more details on those later. This week they are finishing the final grade, moving the HVAC units, and inspecting the pool. After that we will be building 4 new decks that will completely surround the pool including one that will have fountains coming off of it into the pool. Near the screened in porch we will be building an outdoor kitchen and a pergola will be built coming off of the new pool house.

pool plans

Our goal is have it all done by Memorial Day. I’ll share tons more pretty pictures as we get it all done.

Not Your Average Nautical Bathroom Reveal

The bathroom is finally done! It feels like we were working on this room for forever…..well because we were. But no more! Here it is. Drum roll please………..


nautical bathroom with green vanity If you remember back when I first shared the plans for this room here we decided to push our color comfort zone with this space and create something completely different than we normally would. We wanted a nautical feel to the room without the typically kitschy design elements. We absolutely love how fun this space turned out!


You may remember that I painted right over the old wallpaper then stenciled the walls in gold.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA gray bathroom tile We titled the floors in the same over-sized tile we used for the screened in porch. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA You can read all about how we painted the original vanity here.

whale art for bathroom nautical bathroom in green and gold

And one last before and after:

bathroom makeover Sources:

Tile: Home Emporium (same we used on the porch)

Walls: Valspar Vermont Cream and Ralph Lauren Cloth of Gold

Wall Stencil: Perfect Catch from Cutting Edge Designs

Vanity: Miss Mustard Seed’s Boxwood with antique glaze

Toilet, faucet, pot, and vanity top: Home Depot

Light fixture: Industrial Cage 3 light from Shades of Light

Art: Blue Whales flying Kites by Danielle V. Green Illustrations

Rope hook: West Elm




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Starting the laundry room

Along with the nautical half bath and the industrial half bath we’ve also started slowly working on making over our laundry room. We haven’t started any of the really fun stuff yet, well ok technically all we’ve done is paint and hang a new light. But hey it was the light you guys helped us pick out.  Remember way back when we had you vote on your favorite light? We actually bought the light months ago but it just got hung this past weekend, so it seemed like the perfect time to give you all an update on the makeover.

Here was the before:

laundry room before Laundry room before And here it is in progress:

white laundry room Ahhhh……so clean and so white! The room is essentially going to stay white and act as a transition between the gray and mint kitchen and the green and gold half bath.

laundy room paint I did run into a little problem with the paint color. After painting the whole room I realized the color I picked was a little too yellow (on the left). I wound up picking a new color (Olympic’s Vermont Cream) on the right which is perfect!

laundry room The wall behind the washer and dryer is getting horizontal planks which will be painted the same color as the rest of the room, Reclaimed wood shelves will also go up on this wall to hold the laundry supplies and some decorative accents.

diamond light fixture Oh and did you notice the light?? The winner was the Young House Love Geometric Diamond from Shades of Light. Ignore the tacky CFL bulb for now. It’s getting replaced.

The room will also be getting the same tile treatment that the screened in porch got as well as a new washer and dryer.

I’m not sure when this project will wrap up but for now I’ll enjoy my unfinished yet refreshingly white laundry room!

laundry room b_a

Industrial Chic Half Bath- The Design

Last week, I shared how we installed wallpaper on the ceiling of our half-bath and as promised here is the design plan for the space.

Industrial Chic Half Bath


It’s very similar to the design for our foyer in which we mix rustic woods, industrial metals, and gilded gold frames to create an upscale and yet down to earth feel.
The walls will get a reclaimed wood paneling from our old fence will the walls will go either a pale gray or blue.
Stay tuned for more projects from this space!

Wallpapering the ceiling and crown molding galore

Sticking with our plan of not sticking to anything I decided to start tackling our other half bath. I mean our foyer half bath that I mentioned in our 2015 plans that I didn’t even have any pictures of. Well here are the before shots.

half bath before half bath before It’s a tiny little room with good bones.  I’ll share the full design soon, but the plan is to continue the industrial chic feel we started in the foyer. Strangely enough I decided to start with the ceiling.

I fell in love with Hygge and West’s Daydream wallpaper by Julie Rothman over a year ago; and I knew it’s large scale would look whimsical in our tiny bathroom.  The problem was the $125 a roll price tag! It was going to be over $500 to wallpaper all 4 walls. The hubby said no. So, I changed tactics and decided to just wallpaper the ceiling. I got lucky one day and found an “open roll” on Design Public for only $75! Still not the cheapest ceiling treatment, but I did save $50, so I was feeling pretty good.

hygge and west daydream

I thought I’d knock out this project pretty quick and all by myself. Boy was I wrong. I think I actually started crying at one point. It winds up installing wallpaper against gravity is not easy. It was definitely a two person job and we actually took the paper down twice and re-installed it. What worked best for us was putting a ton of paste on the back and getting it to adhere to the ceiling as quick as possible. After it was all up we went back and squeezed out bubbles.

hygge and west daydream I originally decided to run one main panel down the middle so that the pattern would be centered with 2 small 5 in strips running down the sides. After we got the main panel up; however, the hubby refused to even try the small strips. The solution he decided was molding!

how to hang wallpaper on the ceiling We had already planned on hanging a 2 piece crown in the bathroom, but the hubby decided to also frame in the wallpaper by installing a 4 1/2 in base to the ceiling as well. This filled in the wallpaperless gap as well as finished off the edges.

3 piece crown molding After also installing the same base to the walls he filled in the gap with 2 1/2 in crown molding.

how to install elaborate crown molding And voila! It looks amazing. I was totally freaking out for a while that I had wasted $75 and an entire afternoon on a project that was going to look terrible.

crown molding in bathroom I apologize for the terrible pictures, but this room is all but impossible to photograph.  The ceiling vent got a new bright white paint job as well.

datdream wallpaper on ceiling I think my wallpapering ceiling days are behind me, but for now I’m enjoying the whimsical little birds in this tiny little room. Next up will be painting the walls.

hygge and west on ceiling And why we were at hanging crown molding, the nautical half bath also got a little glam.

2 piece crown molding We went with just the standard 2 piece crown in here. It makes the room feel more sophisticated and helps hide the edges of the stencil.

crown molding in half bath

I’ll try to get a mood board together for the foyer half bath, so you can get a better feel for the look we’re going for soon!

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2015 Plans!

I know it’s been deadly quiet for the last month or so, but December was a busy month for us with our little one’s birthday, Christmas, and a family vacation.

See? We do sometimes take breaks from the renovations!

But now we’re back in the action and ready to get started on some new projects. Since last New Year I shared our 2014 goals with you I thought  a recap was in order before getting into 2015.

Out of all the goals we set for last year only 2 didn’t get done (the portico and front staircase)! I think that’s pretty impressive! That’s impart because we added some projects to the roster throughout the year like Lizzie’s big girl room and the nautical half bath.

My favorite project of the year was definitely our foyer makeover with it’s crisp white wainscoting and industrial accent table! I love coming home to this space every evening!

how to make a rustic table

Cody’s favorite project was the Screened-in porch makeover and the reclaimed wood buffet we built for it. We spent a ton of time out there this summer and fall!

porch makeover before and after

2015 Plans

Now for the new plans.


We’ve actually been working on a super big super secret (unless you follow us on facebook or instagram) backyard project since last summer. I’m hoping to spill the beans soon on this project as it’s already occupied a lot of time and we will probably be working on it throughout the following summer. Yep. It’s that big! And it’s going to be super awesome!

backyard before

Half Baths and Laundry Room

If you’ve been wondering what’s taking so long with our half bath and laundry room makeover the answer is that it’s getting worked on when the weather’s too nasty to work on the backyard. It’s coming along but slowly.

Half bathroom makeover After we finish up the nautical half bath, we have another half bath in the foyer that we are going to tackle. I don’t even have a picture of this bathroom to share with you yet…….


After the kitchen stairs makeover we’re pretty much experts at converting carpet to wood, so we’d like to finally finish up the foyer makeover by giving the stairs new life.


Guest Room

Did you even know that we have a guest room? Well currently it’s acting as a dog/craft room, but if my dad decides to visit again this year we’d like to get it functional and pretty for him.

guest room before

Master Bedroom or Dining room?

I’ve pretty much designed a new master bedroom and dining room, but I’m not sure which one will get done first or if we’ll even have time for either one of them this year.

Grey and teal masterbedroom

Dining room in Palladian Blue

I have so many plans in my head right now that it’s hard to decide which project to start first. The backyard project is so gigantic that most other projects are going to be dependent on how long it takes us to complete it.

Wish us luck and Happy New Year!

From crib to shabby chic big girl bed

We interrupt our scheduled half bath makeover to present to you Lizzie’s big girl bed! Lizzie is turning 3 this week so it only seemed time to finally upgrade her bedroom. When we moved into this house last year we just simply transferred everything from her first nursery to her current room.

owl decor I loved the colors of her nursery as well as the artwork, so I decided to throw in  a little bit of pink and try to pull off a shabby chic look. And here is her new bed all done!

jenny lind bed The bedding is all from Target’s Simply Shabby Chic line!

red shabby chic headboard I fell in love with Land of Nod’s Jenny Lind bed but the $700 price tag was out of reach for us. Luckily I found this white Jenny Lind headboard from Target which I scored for $130 shipped. I simply painted it with red spray paint.

3d butterflies The butterflies were from Lizzie’s original nursery but sort of got lost on the larger walls of her current bedroom. I decided to frame them in a grouping of frames above her bed to give them more prominence. The frames were a recycle from my in-laws so this little installation was free!

shabby chic bedroom The side table was originally from our master bedroom and was black. I have new plans for the master bedroom and the table was simply screaming shabby chic anyways, so Lizzie’s room seemed like the perfect place for it. I used left over paint to give it a two toned white and pink paint job, so this little project was also free.

girl's shabby chic bedroom Lizzie absolutely adores her new bed! I’m equally glad that we were able to update her bedroom without replacing everything! I still have some plans to update the curtains to something a little frillier and I’m searching for a small bookcase for her.

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