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Simply Swider’s Nifty Troubleshooting Guide for Solving the tE Error Code

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Jason Carter

Simply Swider’s Nifty Troubleshooting Guide for Solving the tE Error Code


There’s nothing worse than dealing with error codes on laundry day. Plus, one of the common issues most LG models experience is the persistent tE error code.


I have a lot of experience troubleshooting this problem. And with additional remedies from Kevin Murphy, an experienced appliance technician from Albuquerque, you’ll get your washer working in no time.

Let’s get started!

tE Error Code On LG Washer

What Is the tE Error Code on LG Washer?

The tE code is also known as the temperature or thermistor error code. It is designed to alert users whenever the thermistor cannot regulate the temperature inside the washer. Typically, you’d see this error code when there’s an issue with the thermistor, heating element, wiring, or control board.


It’s essential to understand the common causes of the tE error code before attempting to fix it.

I shall explain these causes and the simple ways to fix this problem below. Keep scrolling!

Commonly Affected PartsEstimated Cost
Thermistor$10 – $25
Heating element$80 – $100
Control board$200 – $350
Wiring $15 – $25

5 Common Reasons and Troubleshooting Methods for a tE Error Code on LG Washer

LG tE Error Code

1. Issues During Startup

Get this:

Although the tE code usually indicates issues with the thermistor, your first call to action shouldn’t involve dismantling your washer.

In this case, the problem is most likely caused by an issue that occurred while the washer was starting. This, in turn, causes your washer to display the tE code even though its components are in good condition.


A member of our Facebook community reached out when her LG WM2104CW displayed the error code minutes after she loaded it. Before attempting any other remedy, Kevin recommended restarting the washer first.


The error code disappeared afterward, and the washer began to operate as expected. Thus, I’d recommend restarting your washer to see if it can eliminate the error code.

Here’s what to do:

  • Turn off your LG washer. 
  • Unplug the washer from the power switch for at least 10 seconds.
  • Plug the washer and turn it on once again.
  • Keep pressing the spin button on your washer till the option of no spin comes up.
Pressing the spin button LG washer
  • After draining the water in your washer, restart the washing cycle.

Typically, these steps would restart your washer and get rid of the tE error code, provided there are no hardware issues.

2. Damaged Thermistor

LG Washer Damaged Thermistor
LocationIt is located at the back of the drum in your washer
Ease of troubleshootingEasy
Cost$10 – $25
RepairableNo – if the thermistor is damaged
Yes – if the wiring connected to the thermistor is loose or damaged

Here’s the thing:

A faulty or damaged thermistor is usually the chief cause of the tE error code displayed on most washers. 

The drum thermistor is responsible for ensuring water temperature stays within acceptable limits during washing. Thus, once it experiences any issues, your washer displays the error code and stops the washing cycle.

Get this:

A Reddit user complained that his LG WM3500CW kept displaying the tE code even after he’d unplugged and restarted the washer as suggested. 

This evidently proved that the problem did not occur due to disruptions during startup. On seeing this, I diagnosed the thermistor as the possible root cause, and Kevin agreed.

In Kevin’s words:

“From my experience, the thermistor’s the first thing to check if you’re still getting the tE code after restarting your washer. After all, it’s called the ‘thermistor error’ for a reason.”

He explained that it’s normal for the thermistor to develop issues after you’ve used it for a while. Unfortunately, thermistors cannot be repaired once damaged.


You can replace a faulty thermistor with a new one. Kevin suggests you begin by turning off your washer and unplugging it from the power switch.

Of course:

Before attempting to replace your thermistor, you’d need to confirm that it is indeed faulty. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Turn off the washer and unplug from the power source. 
  • Drain the water in the washer. 
  • Use a screwdriver to remove the washer’s back panel and locate and take out the old thermistor. 
  • With the aid of a multimeter, measure the resistance.

If the resistance is above 40 ohms, then you do not need to replace your thermistor except if it’s broken.


If the resistance shown is below 40 ohms, you’d need to replace it with a new thermistor that matches your LG washer model. 

After you’ve replaced the thermistor, reconnect the wires and close the panel.

Once this is done:

Restart the washing cycle. As long as the issue was caused by a faulty thermistor, following these steps will eliminate the tE error code.

3. Defective Heating Element

PartHeating element 
LocationIt is located at the bottom of the drum
Ease of troubleshootingModerate
Cost$80 – $100
RepairableNo – if the heating element is damaged 
Yes – if electrical connectors or wirings connected to the heating element are loose or damaged 

Of course:

The thermistor isn’t the only element responsible for keeping water temperature within design limits. The heating element inside your washer plays a crucial role in maintaining optimum water temperature.

As such:

Once the heating element is faulty, it will be unable to heat water to the optimum temperature, thus resulting in the tE error code. 

In any case: 

If you’re still seeing the tE code after replacing the thermistor, it most likely means there’s an issue with the heating element.

For instance:

Leila, one of our Facebook community members, complained that her LG WM2501HWA kept showing the tE code even after she restarted her washer and replaced the drum thermistor. 

Upon hearing this:

Kevin suspected the heating element caused the issue. He recommended replacing the heating element with a new one. 

By following these steps, Leila was able to get her washer up and running:

  • Turn off the washer and unplug from the power source.
  • Remove the washer’s panel and locate the heating element at the end of the drum area.
  • Detach electrical connectors and wires attached to the heating element.
  • Gently pry out the old heating element using a small screwdriver. 
  • Install the new heating element and reattach the electrical connectors. 
  • Reassemble the washer.


After following these steps, turn on the washer and restart the cycle. The tE error code should disappear, and your washer should return to normal.

4. Damaged Control Board

LG Washer Damaged Control Board
PartControl board
LocationIt is located inside the control panel or under the top panel
Ease of troubleshootingDifficult
Cost$200 – $350

As the name implies:

The control board is a part of your LG washer that oversees and controls the operation of other components

Once the control board is damaged, your washer will display error codes such as the tE code. This could cause your washer not to spin, depending on the severity of the damage. 


This Reddit user’s LG WM2487HWM kept displaying the tE code even after he’d replaced the thermistor a few months earlier and tried restarting the washer severally.

After reading his complaint, I believe the issue lies with the washer’s control board

You see:

Once an issue causes the control board to short circuit, it greatly affects the washer’s ability to regulate water temperature, thus causing the tE code to appear. 

To support this, Kevin said:

“If you’ve replaced both the heating element and thermistor and are still stuck with the tE code, it’s probably time to replace the control board.”

To solve this problem, Kevin recommends you replace the control panel by following these steps:

  • Turn off your LG washer.
  • Unplug from the power source to prevent electric shock.
  • Using a screwdriver, take off the top panel of your washer.
  • Detach the connectors on the cover of the control panel.
  • Unplug the harness and attach the control board to the control panel.
  • Gently take out the control board. 
  • Install the new control board and reattach the harness and connectors.
  • Reassemble the washer.


Plug the washer back in, turn it on, and restart the washing cycle. Upon doing this, the tE error code will stop appearing, and you will finally be able to get your laundry done.

5. Loose or Damaged Wiring 

LG Washer Loose or Damaged Wiring

Get this:

If you’ve tried all of the remedies listed above and are still stuck with the annoying tE code, it means you’ve most likely got damaged or loose wiring inside your washer.

You see:

Like most electrical devices, your washer will only operate optimally when all its wires and electrical connectors are intact. 

As long as any wire connected to the thermistor or heating element is damaged or loose, your washer will show the tE error code.

To illustrate this:

A Reddit user discovered that his LG WM3500CW kept showing the tE code because one of the thermistor wires was damaged. This prevented the thermistor from operating as expected.


To fix this issue, you’ll need to follow the steps below:

  • Turn off the washer and unplug from the power source. 
  • Drain the water in the washer.
  • Using a screwdriver, take off the back panel of the washer.
  • Locate the thermistor and inspect all wirings connected to it.


If you discover the thermistor’s harness has become loose, reattach it properly before reassembling the washer. This should eliminate the loose wiring connection and the tE code.


If any wires connected to the thermistor are damaged, you’ll need to reconnect the bad wiring. This can be done by rewiring and tapping the wires properly. 

After which, reassemble the washer, restart the washing process, and let your washer do the rest.

6 Models Commonly Affected by the tE Error Code


All LG washer models tend to have their fair share of positive and negative reviews from various customers. 

However, the following models have been known to display the tE error code more frequently than others: 

Model NameModel NumberSpecific Reason
LG Tromm Front Load Steam WasherWM2688HWMDamaged or faulty thermistor. 
LG WM2140CW Front Load Steam WasherWM2140CWDefective heating element
LG Washer WM2501HWA Front Load Washer WM2501HWALoose or damaged wiring. It’s also prone to issues during startup. 
LG Front Load WasherWM2101HDamaged thermistor 
LG WM3500CW Front Load WasherWM3500CWDamaged heating element and loose wiring
LG Front Load Steam WasherWM2487HWMDamaged control board.


In essence:

The tE error code is a temperature or thermistor error code that indicates an issue with your LG washer’s heating system. 

Typically, it is caused by a faulty thermistor, heating element, control board, and loose or damaged wiring in your washer.

This error code prevents your washing machine from operating optimally.

Thankfully, you can quickly troubleshoot this issue and resolve this error by:

  • Restarting your washer.
  • Replacing the damaged thermistor.
  • Replacing the faulty heating element.
  • Replacing the defective control board.
  • Reconnecting loose or damaged wiring.

After that, your washer will begin to function properly, and you’ll finally be able to get your laundry done.


If you’re still experiencing issues rectifying this issue or need more clarification, feel free to do so using our “Ask the Expert” feature. Our professionals will surely provide an answer to any questions you might have.


Which one of our nifty remedies fixed your tE error code? What was your experience like fixing this issue? Let us know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does the tE Error Code on My LG Washer Mean?

The tE error code also stands for thermistor error code or temperature error code. As the name implies, it means your washing machine is experiencing issues with its heating system

This error code is often caused by loose or damaged wiring, faulty thermistors, damaged heating elements, and damaged control boards.

How Do I Fix the tE Error Code on My LG Washer?

Depending on the root cause of the tE error, there are several techniques you can use to fix it. You can fix it by restarting your washer, rewiring damaged electrical connectors, or replacing the thermistor, heating element, and control board.

What Is the Difference Between the tE and lE Error Code?

The tE error code is displayed when there are issues with the heating system in your washing machine. A faulty thermistor or heating element typically causes it.

On the other hand, the lE error occurs when your washer’s tub refuses to spin as instructed. It is often displayed when a foreign object is wedged in the tub or when you’ve accidentally overloaded your washer.

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