Schoolhouse Pendant Light Kitchen Island -

Schoolhouse Pendant Light Kitchen Island

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Jason Carter

Schoolhouse Pendant Light Kitchen Island

Newsflash: I’m a terrible blogger. It’s been over 2 weeks since my last post, and I have no excuse other than I’ve been busy. We’ve been working hard at the screened porch makeover, but it’s not all that interesting to talk about until it’s done. Our kitchen lights; however, have been finished for about a month now, and I still I haven’t mentioned them. See, bad blogger.

You may remember that I first introduced you to Barn  Light Electric and their amazing lights here.  That was way back before we even knew we would be moving last summer. I instantly fell in love with their Primary Schoolhouse Stem Mount Pendant and knew that one day I would design my kitchen around it.  That wound up being sooner than I had thought, and I actually wound up buying the light before we even closed on the house.

Kitchen Island

This was one of the last pictures I shared of the kitchen. You can see the pendant has already been installed but there were a couple of issues with it.

  1. The old light box was not centered with the new island
  2. It didn’t put out enough light
  3. The light was not making quite as big of a statement as I had hoped.

The solution was to buy another pendant and the result was perfect! But before we get to all the pretty pictures let me show you the mess we had to make in order to install and center both lights with the island.

Lights Install

Now to the pretty pictures:

The color of the pendants matches perfectly with the chandelier I painted over the table.

And a close-up:

Primary Schoolhouse Stem Mount Light

There are a lot of options to choose from in order to create a semi-custom light. Here are the options we choose below:

Primary Schoolhouse Light Order

The original price was $182 a piece with free shipping which I think is awesome, but I was able to get both of mine for 10% off during their 4th of July and New Year’s Day sales. That made them only $167 a piece! Happy Dance!

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