Lamp Makeover and DIY Sisal Lamp Shades -

Lamp Makeover and DIY Sisal Lamp Shades

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Jason Carter

Lamp Makeover and DIY Sisal Lamp Shades

 We got these lamps as a wedding gift, and I really love the shape of them but our living room was feeling a little dark so these got the short stick for being painted. I painted them a golden yellow that we had in the pillows on the couch and I liked them well enough buy the shades we not quite cutting it.

Lamp Shades

Before I could do anything about the shades; however, we decided to move some tables and lamps around and these got relegated to the Master Bedroom where their size worked much better with our high headboard. Unfortunately, the yellow had to go now. I decided to spray paint them the same teal we used on the dining room chandelier which picked up on the darkest teal in our bedding. The color looked great but the lampshades had to go. Not only were they the wrong color but the were falling apart.


Then I saw this DIY lamp shade over at Naptime Decorator and fell in love.

I fixed up the original shades by hot gluing them back together than bought 100ft of sisal rope and went to town on hot gluing it to the shade. The gluing took forever and I dramatically underestimated how large my shades were. It took 300 feet of rope to complete at $28 which was more than I had hoped but I guess at $14 a shade I still can’t complain. I do love how they came out, and I love the texture they add to the room!

Lamp Shades DIY Sisal
DIY lampshade made from sisal rope with a teal lamp

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