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Kenmore Washer Out of Balance During Spin Cycle? Try These 7 Solutions!

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Jason Carter

Kenmore Washer Out of Balance During Spin Cycle? Try These 7 Solutions!

Don’t you just hate it when your washing machine shakes violently during the spin cycle?

Admit it:

Your Kenmore washer loses balance when spinning, and you want to fix this problem.

Get this:

An out-of-balance spin cycle is common, and there are several ways to fix your unbalanced washer.

Here’s a quick guide to balancing your Kenmore washer during the spin cycle.

Let’s get to it!

7 Reasons Why Is Your Kenmore Washer Out of Balance

If your Kenmore washer keeps going out of balance or shaking violently during the spin cycle, these solutions should work. Level your washing machine, repair your shock absorber, and avoid overloading your washer. Additionally, ensure the suspension rods are in good condition and remove shipping bolts, among other fixes.

1. Level Your Washing Machine

First off:

A washer not placed on a level surface will go off balance during the spin cycle. Setting up your washing machine on a flat surface is advisable.


You should make sure your washer is level on all sides. All four legs should be sturdy on the floor.

Rubber anti-vibration pads are also useful for leveling the surface on which you place your washer.


Kenmore top load washers usually adjust to level. If something shifts, you can relevel your top load washer by tipping it forward and placing it back on the floor.

You can level front load washers by turning a leg up or down. You may have to open the front access panel in order to loosen the lock nuts that control the machine legs.


A level surface is important if you do not want to damage your washer. Always do a routine check to ensure that all sides of your washer are level and firm on the surface before you turn it on.

That’s it!

2. Replace a Worn Out or Broken Shock Absorber

Whirlpool/Kenmore shock absorbers

For starters:

A shock absorber is an important part of any washing machine. Continuous use of your washer could wear out or break the shock absorbers in your machine.


A worn-out or broken shock absorber could cause your washer to shake or become unbalanced during the spin cycle.


By opening the back panel of your washer, you can ensure that the shock absorbers are properly positioned. It would also help to inspect the shock absorbers to ensure they have not been damaged.


Look for signs of leaking fluid in the shock absorbers, which can indicate that they have failed.

In this case:

You can easily replace the shock absorbers for your washer without external help.

Pro tip:

As a preventive measure, replace all the shock absorbers with new ones if one or more are broken or worn out.


How do you replace a shock absorber in your washer?

  • Step 1: Disconnect the power from your washer.
  • Step 2: Create space around your washer to easily access the rear panel and the lower access panel in front.
  • Step 3: Tilt the washer back and support it with 2 by 4 blocks to hold the panel up so you can access the screws.
  • Step 4: Remove the screws on the bottom of the access panel using a screwdriver or nut driver. Begin with the two outside screws before removing the second screw last.
  • Step 5: Depress the locking tabs and remove the pins.
  • Step 6: Use an adjustable wrench to remove the worn-out shock absorber by turning the upper portion at 90 degrees to the right until it pops out of the socket.
  • Step 7: Install a new shock absorber by positioning the top, fitting it through the opening, and twisting it 90 degrees, counterclockwise.
  • Step 8: Push the pin to hold the shock absorber in place and reinstall the access panel.
  • Step 9: Unscrew the rear panel of your washer and repeat this process to remove and replace the other shock absorbers in it.

It’s that simple!


If you cannot replace the shock absorbers on your own, contact Kenmore Customer Support.

3. Avoid Overloading Your Washer

To begin with:

Overloading your washer far above its capacity can result in out-of-balance episodes during spin cycles. You overload your Kenmore washer when you fill the machine without checking the composition or weight of your laundry.

What’s more:

If your washer does not go out of balance or shake when you run a lighter laundry, overloading may cause unbalance in it.

In this case:

You can avoid overloading your washer by distributing your laundry evenly. Check the Kenmore washer user manual for the right amount of load for the machine.


Pause the spin cycle to reduce the amount of laundry if your washer has an unbalanced load. Also, always double-check that you’re using the proper wash and spin settings.


When your load is not balanced, your Kenmore washer will display the UE error code.

And you’re good to go!

4. Ensure the Suspension Rods Are in Good Condition

Whirlpool/Kenmore suspension kit

For starters:

The suspension rods in your washer help to dampen the washer tub movement. If one or more suspension rods break, your washer will be out of balance when you run a spin cycle.


You should examine the suspension rods in your washer to see if they are broken. If any rod appears damaged, replace it.


Here’s how to replace worn-out or broken suspension rods:

  • Step 1: Unplug your washer from the power outlet.
  • Step 2: Detach the drains from your washer.
  • Step 3: Loosen the screws holding the lid of your washer in place.
  • Step 4: You will find four suspension rods at the corners of your washer. Tilt your washer to take them out one after the other.
  • Step 5: Replace the suspension rods and bring your washer back to position. Ensure that each suspension rod is properly hooked to the plastic cap at the top.
  • Step 6: Screw the panels of your washer back into place and start your washer. It should spin smoothly without shaking violently.

One more thing:

Apart from unbalanced washers, you risk loud and disturbing noise if you continue using your washer with suspension rods that need to be in better condition. Kenmore Customer Support is available to tackle this issue.

5. Remove Shipping Bolts

Whirlpool/Kenmore Shipping bolts

First off:

If your new washer is out of balance, the shipping bolts are most likely still in place. If you fail to remove these bolts from your machine, you risk vibrations, noise, and permanent damage to your washer.


You can find shipping bolts at the back of your Kenmore washer. It is necessary for you to remove these shipping bolts before you start using the machine.


If you are unsure about removing shipping bolts, you can also check your user manual to locate the shipping bolts in your Kenmore model and remove them with a wench.

But that’s not all:

If you fail to remove the shipping bolts from your machine, it could cause issues with the spin cycle and permanently damage the washing machine.

So what can you do about it?

Below is an easy way to remove shipping bolts from your washer.

  • Step 1: Locate the shipping bolts at the back of your washer.
  • Step 2: Remove the shipping bolts and spacers with a wrench or socket.
  • Step 3: Keep the bolts and spacers for future use.

It’s easy, isn’t it?

6. Remove Clothes or Objects Caught in the Wash Tub

Get this:

If clothes or objects get caught in the wash tub during the wash or spin cycles, your washer could go out of balance.

In other words:

Your laundry could get caught below the tub or between the main agitator and the inner tub, which could unbalance your washer.


A button, coin, bra wire, a tiny piece of clothing, or any other foreign object could be the problem.


Check your washer to ensure no foreign object is stuck in the tub. Remove any threatening items and clear any debris.


If you cannot immediately identify a problem, you may need to remove the top panel and the main agitator to ensure that nothing is stuck between them. Once you’re done, replace the panel and agitator and start your washer again.

7. Check to See if the Shaft Is Corroded

Note this:

A metallic shaft supports the inner tub of your washer. This metallic shaft should be in good condition for your machine to function properly.


Water and detergent could corrode the shaft, causing your washer to go out of balance during the spin cycle.


You can check the shaft for corrosion by opening your washer and lifting the inner tub up and down. The inner tub should move some inches.

The inner tub will most likely be rusted and stuck if it does not move. You can fix a corroded shaft, but you must be technically handy.

As such:

Contact Kenmore Customer Support for assistance.

Most Affected Models

The simple truth is:

Kenmore washers are dependable, but even the most reliable appliances can malfunction. As a result, if your Kenmore washer goes out of balance, you can fix it if you’re familiar with the model and know what steps to take.

Most specifically:

The Kenmore washer models below tend to go out of balance during a cycle spin.

1. Kenmore Front Load

Kenmore Elite


The Kenmore front load washer is one of the easiest models to use, and it has a large capacity. Users also say that it is reliable, fast, and quiet.

A Kenmore front load washer can last for 10 – 13 years.


Reviews from customers show that while the Kenmore front load washer is user-friendly, it could go out of balance due to internal or external issues. Internal issues could stem from a worn-out shock absorber or faulty suspension rods.

Likewise, external issues could result from overloading the washer or failing to place it on a level surface.

2. Kenmore Top Load

Kenmore Series 700


Most people love the Kenmore top load washer model because of its price and huge capacity. Customers also say that the washer is quiet and uses less water.


Users also commend the efficiency of the Kenmore top load washer spin cycle.


According to some customer reviews, the Kenmore top load washer tends to become unbalanced after loading. Other users have complained about the washer going off balance when using the super-long spin cycle.

3. Kenmore Elite/Elite Oasis

Kenmore Elite

Here’s the thing:

Despite its price, the Kenmore Elite washer is popular because it is user-friendly and gives you value for your money. The Kenmore Elite washer is an advanced model with a high-end appearance and can hold twice as much laundry as any standard washer.


The Kenmore Elite washer could become unbalanced during the spin cycle if you do not place it on a level surface.

4. Kenmore 110 Series

The Kenmore 110 series is a common washer model. It is portableand easy to use.


The Kenmore 110 series model is susceptible to a range of problems that could cause the machine to go out of balance during the spin cycle. Some of these problems include missing bolts from repairs and a faulty-tub bearing system.

Kenmore 800 Series

The Kenmore 800 Series is a durable top load washer that is easy to use. The washer has several setting options, including ultra-clean, soak, pre-wash, second rinse, and permanent press.


The washing machine could go out of balanceif you overload it and do not level it properly. Users also say that the Kenmore 800 series washer could get noisy with time.


Let’s recap:

We all want the best from our Kenmore washer. For this reason, we should take the right measures to ensure we tackle any issue when our washer spins out of balance.

Here’s all you have to do:

Apply the following options, as they’ll put you on the right track to getting your washer to spin silently and with balance:

  • Avoid overloading your washing machine
  • Level your washer on a flat surface
  • Remove shipping bolts
  • Repair a worn-out or broken shock absorber

You can also use any of the guidelines above, and you’re good to go.

In a nutshell:

These tips will guarantee that your washer never goes out of balance.

But hang on a minute:

If you cannot solve your washer out of balance problem on your own, contact Kenmore Customer Support to avoid worsening the situation.


Please let us know when you fix your Kenmore washer and how you achieved a solution. We look forward to your feedback in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Kenmore Washer Shake During the Spin Cycle?

If your Kenmore washer shakes during the spin cycle, it may be due to a faulty shock absorber. Furthermore, if you do not place your washer on a level surface, it may shake during the spin cycle. Other reasons include a corroded shaft and bad suspension rods.

What Causes the Washer to Spin Out of Balance?

A major reason your washer spins out of balance is when your laundry gets caught between the agitator and the inner tub or below the tub. When this happens, your washer begins to spin off balance with every load.

What Causes Kenmore Washer to Shake Violently?

Unbalanced loads often cause Kenmore washers to shake violently. Also, loud banging sounds will become more frequent during the spin cycle if the shock absorbers weaken. If this issue is not remedied, the violent shaking could harm other components in your washer.

Can an Unbalanced Washer be Fixed?

Yes, you can fix an unbalanced washer. The easiest solution to this issue is redistributing the load in your washer. Most times, one heavy item in a light load could tip the balance, so you should carefully distribute your load.

How Long Do Washer Suspension Rods Last?

Washer suspension rods often last for three to four years on average. However, they can last longer before they begin to wear out. Your suspension rods will be due for a change when they begin to show signs of wear or damage.

How Do You Know if the Shock Absorbers in Your Washer are Bad?

If the shock absorbers in your washing machine are bad, you will hear loud banging noises followed by excessive vibrations during the spin cycle. These signs will be hard to miss because the shock absorbers stabilize the tub of your washer.

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