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Wonder Why Your GE Dryer Is Not Starting? Here Are 6 Ways to Solve This Issue!

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Wonder Why Your GE Dryer Is Not Starting? Here Are 6 Ways to Solve This Issue!


If your GE dryer is not responding to commands or is showing no signs of functionality, you’re probably not having the best day.

Whether all the lights are shut off or the start button is jammed, your GE dryer won’t start, and that’s not okay.

Most likely:

You must think yourself so unlucky, but we beg to differ. By discovering this article, you’ve struck gold, and your dryer will be running in no time.


Let’s explore some potential causes and effective fixes for your GE dryer that won’t start.

How to Fix a GE Dryer That Won’t Start

There are multiple reasons why your GE dryer might not start. If repaired appropriately, it should start without a hassle. Try replacing defective machine parts such as the door switch, start switch, drive motor, or drive belt to solve this problem.  In other cases, inspecting the power outlet and thermal fuse for malfunctions should be helpful.

1. Examine the Power Outlet


Imagine this:

You’ve just offloaded a wash load and immediately tossed it into your GE dryer just to click the start button to no avail.

Your GE dryer is not starting, the control panel is not illuminated, and you’re at a loss for what to do.


Before checking for any other defect, you must inspect the power outlet to rule it out.


Your GE dryer requires a minimum of 120V to power on and an added equal voltage measurement to run.

As such:

The power outlet supplying electrical current to your dryer might be the culprit.

First, try plugging your GE dryer into another outlet in your home. If it starts up, the original power outlet is faulty.


Confirm that the outlet supplies the required amount of voltage to your GE dryer by testing it with a multimeter for continuity.

It needs to be replaced if it tests negative for continuity or does not channel up to 120V.

If not:

You could check the circuit breaker box for a tripped breaker and reset it by switching it off and back on.

Then, inspect the power cord for visible signs of damage.


Avoid using an extension cord to connect your appliance because it cannot safely transmit the required voltage to power or run your dryer.

Be sure to call a skilled electrician to work on the power outlet replacement to avoid hazards.

2. Replace the Faulty Door Switch

GE dryer door switch

Get this:

The GE dryer door switch is designed to prevent the dryer from operating when the door is open or not properly closed.

It is the most obvious and common problem causing a dryer not to start up.

To that end:

You should check that your GE dryer’s door is latched properly and the door switch is engaged.

If there are any obstructions in the door seal, clear them out and shut the door firmly.


The door might be tightly latched, and still, the dryer won’t start.

This glitch happens because the dryer cannot detect that the door is securely closed due to a faulty door switch assembly.

What do you do now?

You must test the door switch with a multimeter for electrical continuity. If it fails the test, the apparatus is damaged and needs immediate replacement.


If you have used your GE device for under a year, you are covered by a warranty, and you can get free parts.

Contact GE Customer Support to lodge a complaint and claim your replacement door switch assembly.

3. Replace the Defective Start Switch

GE dryer start switch


You’ve checked the power supply and the door switch, and the control panel is illuminated, but the start switch is unresponsive.

Then, that is a pretty simple diagnosis; the switch is defective.

Here’s what to do:

Inspect the start switch by pushing it continuously and listening for a clicking sound.

If you don’t hear the clicking sound and the start switch’s indicator light is off, it is faulty.

To confirm:

Test the contacts of the start switch center terminal with a multimeter to detect electrical continuity. If there is no continuity, the start switch assembly would need to be replaced.

It is also possible that:

You might have accidentally selected the wrong dryer settings. The control lock and delay dry feature are both features that unintentionally mimic the appearance of a system failure.


The control lock restricts users from changing the cycle settings and delay dry sets the cycle for a preselected time.

Disable these features to get your GE dryer to start up if the problem is not the start switch.

4. Check for a Blown Thermal Fuse

GE dryer Thermal Fuse


The thermal fuse is a safety device designed to blow and shut off operations when the dryer reaches unsafe temperature levels.

Depending on your washer, it can be found on the blower housing or heating element.


Since the thermal fuse goes off because of overheating, it is necessary to find the root cause to stop it.

Overheating in dryers is typically caused by a clogged exhaust vent due to lint accumulation, making heat hard to escape.

Obvious solution:

Clear out the debris build-up and form a habit of unclogging the vent to prevent a blockage leading to serious machine complications.


When the thermal fuse blows, the machine will not start. So, it is necessary to test it for continuity with a multimeter and replace it immediately if negative.


Once the thermal fuse has been replaced, try starting up your machine. It should run seamlessly.

5. Ensure the Drive Belt Isn’t Broken

GE dryer drive belt


Some GE dryers have a belt switch that prevents the dryer from functioning when the drive belt is broken or loose. It shuts off power to the dryer until the drive belt is replaced.


The next step to take is to replace the drive belt.


Sometimes the belt switch fails and will falsely detect a broken belt shutting down the system. The drive belt should be inspected and replaced, and the belt switch as well.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Step 1: Unplug your GE dryer from the power outlet.
  • Step 2: Unscrew the panels of the dryer and keep them aside.
  • Step 3: Remove the broken drive belt from the drum and replace it with a new one.
  • Step 4: If undamaged, check the belt switch for faults.
  • Step 5: Unplug the belt switch and test it for continuity with a multimeter.
  • Step 6: If negative, replace it with a new functional part.
  • Step 7: Reassemble your dryer and run a test cycle


Your dryer should start up easily and run hitchlessly after replacing these parts.

6. Replace the Malfunctioning Drive Motor

GE dryer drive motor


If your dryer is making a humming sound but not working or starting a cycle, then it is likely that the motor is damaged.

You see:

The drive motor propels the drum and the blower wheel. If it malfunctions, these parts won’t work, and your dryer will not start a cycle.

Do this if you strongly suspect the drive motor is to blame:

  • Step 1: Unplug the machine from the wall socket.
  • Step 2: Unthread the panel screws to access the drive motor.
  • Step 3: Test the motor for continuity with a multimeter.
  • Step 4: If it fails the test, you’ll need to replace it immediately.
  • Step 5: Put the dryer back together and run a test cycle.

Your GE dryer should start and run without a hum after replacing the drive motor.

It is worth noting that:

Although you can get spare parts from any appliance store, it will be in your best interest to be weary of counterfeit products.

In that case, procure your replacement parts from the verified GE parts store.


If you are not technically inclined, call a professional service technician to assist with the drive motor replacement to prevent harmful situations.

Models Most Affected

Like other dryers:

GE dryers are exposed to technical malfunctions that could cause them to lose their performance ability.

You see:

Not all GE dryers are prone to developing issues that cause them not to start.

However, the dryers below are the most popularly criticized for this problem.

1. GE Electric Dryer

GE Electric Dryer


GE electric dryers like the GE DJXR433EG6WW and GE DLLSR40EG0WW are efficient, convenient dryer models designed with sensors that keep your clothes fresh.

They have dual thermistors perpetually monitoring the machine’s temperature to prevent harsh drying conditions and the resulting fabric damage.


These dryers have a high consumer complaint rate, as many users have accused their GE dryers of failing to start.

2. GE Gas Dryer

GE Gas Dryer

GE gas dryers are usually large-capacity with corrosion-resistant alloy drums manufactured for optimal laundry care.

These dryers have various heat selections and settings that can be customized for delicate fabrics.


There are frequent reports of users having trouble starting their GE gas dryers for various reasons.

These reasons range from as minor as a broken drive belt to a major issue like a faulty motor.

3. GE Unitized Spacemaker

The GE Unitized Spacemaker is a stacked washer-dryer combo with multiple wash or dry cycles, temperatures, and speeds.

These features are all designed to maximize user satisfaction during each wash and dry load.


This washer-dryer set does not have the most satisfactory reputation regarding technical issues.

The GE Unitized Spacemaker dryer often has resolvable component failures that cause it to have trouble powering on.


It’s not news:

GE dryers with core malfunctions like start-up issues are agonizing to deal with.

Why should your dryer fail you right when you need to get a load of laundry dry as soon as possible?


There’s no escaping it; the problem must be solved.


We have compiled a comprehensive list of possible causes and fixes for a GE dryer that isn’t starting.

Try these suggested fixes to solve your problem:

  • Examine the power outlet for a voltage supply issue.
  • Replace the faulty door switch.
  • Replace the defective start switch
  • Check for a blown thermal fuse.
  • Ensure the drive belt isn’t broken
  • Replace the malfunctioning drive motor.


If you have tried all our troubleshooting options and your GE dryer still won’t start, it is time to get professional help.

A team of trained and equipped GE Appliance specialists is available to cater to your GE dryer troubles on appointment.


If your GE dryer has served you for over ten years and regularly experiences malfunctions, repairing it might not be the wisest option.

It is time to let go of that machine and purchase a new one.

In any case:

Leave a comment in the section below to let us know your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you and answer your questions! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My GE Dryer Not Start?

Your GE dryer is likely not starting because of a few common reasons. It could be caused by a problem with the drive belt or motor, the door switch, the start switch, or the power outlet.

Is There a Reset Button on a GE Dryer?

No, there isn’t a specific reset button on the GE dryer; however, turning the dryer off and on again should do the trick.

You could also take it a step further by unplugging it and plugging it back in.

Why Is My Dryer Clicking But Not Starting?

If your dryer makes a clicking noise instead of starting, there could be faults with the door switch, drive belt, or start switch.

The thermal fuse, drive motor, or power outlet could also be the culprit.

How Do I Know If My Dryer Start Switch Is Bad?

If the starter switch gets stuck and doesn’t extend beyond the control panel, it is probably bad and should be replaced.

Also, if you don’t hear a distinct click when you push the button down, it could be damaged and in need of replacement.

How Much Does It Cost to Diagnose a Dryer?

It could cost you nothing to diagnose your faulty dryer if you follow the guidelines in this article.

However, if you want it done professionally, it should cost you anywhere between $100 and $200 to diagnose and repair your dryer.

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