Wallpapering the ceiling and crown molding galore

Sticking with our plan of not sticking to anything I decided to start tackling our other half bath. I mean our foyer half bath that I mentioned in our 2015 plans that I didn’t even have any pictures of. Well here are the before shots.

half bath beforehalf bath beforeIt’s a tiny little room with good bones.  I’ll share the full design soon, but the plan is to continue the industrial chic feel we started in the foyer. Strangely enough I decided to start with the ceiling.

I fell in love with Hygge and West’s Daydream wallpaper by Julie Rothman over a year ago; and I knew it’s large scale would look whimsical in our tiny bathroom.  The problem was the $125 a roll price tag! It was going to be over $500 to wallpaper all 4 walls. The hubby said no. So, I changed tactics and decided to just wallpaper the ceiling. I got lucky one day and found an “open roll” on Design Public for only $75! Still not the cheapest ceiling treatment, but I did save $50, so I was feeling pretty good.

hygge and west daydream

I thought I’d knock out this project pretty quick and all by myself. Boy was I wrong. I think I actually started crying at one point. It winds up installing wallpaper against gravity is not easy. It was definitely a two person job and we actually took the paper down twice and re-installed it. What worked best for us was putting a ton of paste on the back and getting it to adhere to the ceiling as quick as possible. After it was all up we went back and squeezed out bubbles.

hygge and west daydreamI originally decided to run one main panel down the middle so that the pattern would be centered with 2 small 5 in strips running down the sides. After we got the main panel up; however, the hubby refused to even try the small strips. The solution he decided was molding!

how to hang wallpaper on the ceilingWe had already planned on hanging a 2 piece crown in the bathroom, but the hubby decided to also frame in the wallpaper by installing a 4 1/2 in base to the ceiling as well. This filled in the wallpaperless gap as well as finished off the edges.

3 piece crown moldingAfter also installing the same base to the walls he filled in the gap with 2 1/2 in crown molding.

how to install elaborate crown moldingAnd voila! It looks amazing. I was totally freaking out for a while that I had wasted $75 and an entire afternoon on a project that was going to look terrible.

crown molding in bathroomI apologize for the terrible pictures, but this room is all but impossible to photograph.  The ceiling vent got a new bright white paint job as well.

datdream wallpaper on ceilingI think my wallpapering ceiling days are behind me, but for now I’m enjoying the whimsical little birds in this tiny little room. Next up will be painting the walls.

hygge and west on ceilingAnd why we were at hanging crown molding, the nautical half bath also got a little glam.

2 piece crown moldingWe went with just the standard 2 piece crown in here. It makes the room feel more sophisticated and helps hide the edges of the stencil.

crown molding in half bath

I’ll try to get a mood board together for the foyer half bath, so you can get a better feel for the look we’re going for soon!


P.S. Check out the whole nautical bath makeover here and the finished industrial bath makeover here!

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  1. What a great project! Adding the crown moulding was thinking on your feet…and that makes it so much more special…and reinforces the idea that you are a DIY Genius.

    • LOL! Thanks Nancy! It was definitely feeling like the stupidest idea for a while. I could just see the resentment building in the hubby’s eyes as I tore him away from his project to hold wallpaper above his head for 30 mins! Hopefully I can pull off the rest of the room.

  2. This wallpapered ceiling looks amazing! Congrats. on such a beautiful choice! I have also hung wp on a ceiling and also started crying half way through…but with help, it got done. I will be anxious to see the finished product after you paint and accessorize!
    Joy of theoldefarmhouse.blogspot.com

  3. That looks amazing! That wallpaper on the ceiling is perfect, though difficult. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of it. Nice work!