Vinegar Weed Killer: An all natural approach


vinegar weed killer

I like to think that we’re pretty “green”. At least we try to be, but let’s face it sometimes industrial products just work great. Round-up is certainly one of those products. I usually hand pull all the weeds in our gardens (environmentally friendly and a good workout), but I typically spray the weeds and grass on our paths (not environmentally or back friendly) and patio because of the difficulty in pulling them out.I have a couple of reservations about using Round-up though:

  1. It’s expensive. 1.33 gallons goes for $24.42 on Amazon.
  2. It’s toxic. I worry about the kids finding it in the garage. I worry about the kids and dogs walking through it on the paths and dragging it into the house. I worry about it contaminating the groundwater, rivers, and soil.
  3. It’s owned by Monsanto…..enough said.

So when the weeds starting popping up in the path this Spring and I was out of Round-up I decided to try a new approach: use vinegar as a weed killer.  This isn’t really a new idea. I’ve seen it floating around Pinterest for a while, but it was the first time I had tried it myself. As you can see in the above picture I bought 1 gallon of distilled white vinegar from the grocery store and poured it into an empty Method bottle (yay for reusing). Here’s what the garden path looked like before being sprayed with vinegar:

Natural vinegar weed killer

I sprayed the weeds with vinegar the same way I would have with Round-up then left them in the sun to hopefully die (gosh that sounds harsh). Here’s what the path looked like the next day:

natural vinegar weed killer

As you can see the weeds are all dead. I was actually pretty impressed with how well it worked. I had anticipated having to spray the weeds a couple of times before they really died. Here’s what I really liked about using vinegar as a weed killer:

  1. It’s cheap! You can find a gallon for under $5 at any grocery store. Amazon has one for $4.28. That makes the vinegar $14 a gallon cheaper than Round-up.
  2. It worked!
  3. I didn’t freak out when the wind blew the wrong way and I got sprayed. I also didn’t freak out when my toddler went tearing down the path barefoot right after I had sprayed it.
  4. No “hippy remorse” over potentially threatening the environment.
  5. The same gallon of vinegar can be used for laundry, cleaning toilets, cooking, and about 100 other household chores.

Well, I’m a convert. We’re going to skip the Round-up from now on and stick with vinegar (take that Monsanto!) I’m going to keep experimenting to see if it works on all types of weeds and also see if different types of vinegar work the same (I have a whole gallon of apple cider vinegar sitting around too).


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