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Paint mirror ideas

I wanted a tall piece of art for either side of the fireplace and I thought a mirror along the left side might would be nice as it would bounce the sunlight from the windows around the room. Of course mirrors are expensive, especially when I wanted a super stylish mint colored one. Then one night while I should have been sleeping but instead was dreaming up more work for myself, I remembered that the girl’s bathroom upstairs had two tall and narrow mirrors in a silver finish.


painting bathroom mirrors

I was not a big fan of the metallic finish combined with the traditional molding. It just felt outdated and I knew that when we re-model this bathroom (someday….) that I would replace the mirrors, so I decided to re-purpose one of them for the fireplace by painting it mint myself. Here are the tools I used:

painting a mirror

First, up I cleaned the frame with a TSP substitute. This insures that you get any crud or oil off the surface so that the paint will adhere properly. Sometimes I skip this step, but since I had no idea what had been in contact with this mirror I figured better safe than sorry. And you can see the crud and loose paint that came off with a quick wipe.

clean mirror with tsp

Next, I prepped for spray painting by taping the outside of the mirror with masking tape then taping down newspaper to prevent and over spray from accumulating on the mirror. Then, I hit the whole frame with a coat of white spray primer.

aqua mirror

Once the primer dried (only about an hour or so unless it’s really humid), I put on two coats of the mint spray paint. I originally bought this spray paint for the chandelier that is hanging over the table in the kitchen, but I figured there was enough for both projects and it would help visually tie the two rooms together. Finding a mint colored spray paint was harder than I had anticipated but I finally found this one (Valspar Color Radiance in Flat La Fonda Mirage) at Lowe’s.

painting a mirror frame

The only two things you really need to know about spray paint it a) do it in a well ventilated area and b) light thin coats are best. And look at the dramatic change a few coats of spray paint can make:

mint mirror

I particularly love the matte finish of the paint which gives it almost a shabby chic feel. You can see in the picture below that the mint color of the mirror jives perfectly with the mint on the lampshade. The family room is one step closer to being complete!

mint mirror

It’s hard to believe we started here only a couple of weeks ago:

Fireplace before

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