The trick to creating gorgeous window boxes

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I love window boxes! I love the beautiful lush colors of the flowers hanging over their containers, so I knew the second we bought a house we needed window boxes. On our house they also helped cover what I thought to be too much brick on the front of our house as well. I had Cody build me 3 window boxes to go under each window on the front of our house, then I filled them with plants and watched them die, year after year. 6 years in fact. This year I seriously considered giving up on them all together and taking them down, but I decided to try one last thing and voila! I now have the beautiful lush window boxes I have always dreamed of. So how did I do it?

The Trick good dirt

The trick is Miracle Grow Potting Soil. I know, not much of a secret right. Here’s the thing with window boxes: They lose moisture and nutrients like it’s nobody’s business. Hence the fact that I could keep my plants alive by watering them, but I could never get them to really grow. If you are planting a new window box just go ahead and plant straight into the Miracle Grow potting soil. If you are planting in a window box that already has soil like mine follow this step:

Remove as much soil from the window box as possible and put in a bucket then mix in an equal amount of Miracle Grow soil.

making good soil

Put your mixed soil back into the window box and plant away. The reason I mix the soil is because 1) I don’t want to do away with the old soil and 2) Miracle Grow soil is expensive and this allows me to stretch a buck. I also do this for all of pots and my wheel barrow planter.

As for the  plantings themselves I picked up a great tip from Sherry over at Young House Love. Buy hanging baskets or in my case pot refills instead of individual plants. These plants tend to be more mature when you buy them so the instantly trail over the boxes instead of you having to wait weeks for them to grow. I bought two pot refills (the pink and the peach flowers) which contained 3 separate plants each. I gently separated the plants then planted them on each end of the window box. I put a sweet potato vine in the middle and flanked that with red salvia.

flowers for window box

Oh, and don’t forget to water! A lot!

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2 thoughts on “The trick to creating gorgeous window boxes”

  1. Fantastic tips. I am creating a window box of sorts on my deck and really do not have a green thumb. Thanks for linking up to our first Pinterest Link Party last Sunday, I’ll be featuring you this week.

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