The New House

Disclaimer: Some of you may be thinking “wait is this another new house?” No, we only bought 1 new house; however, we did have a contract on another that we wound up pulling out of at the last minute. Unfortunately, I had already written up the post about that house and had it scheduled to publish which I then forgot about…my bad. But I promise this is our actual house that we will be living in now.

Well, the day I never thought would arrive has finally happened. We bought a new house! We had only planned on staying in our first house for about 5 years and we were going on 6 1/2, but we had a couple of specific reasons why we moved.

  1.  We wanted a larger house that had a playroom for the kids.
  2. We wanted to be closer to our family.
  3. We needed to be in a better school zone before Sophie starts school next year.
  4. We were done renovating our first house and were bored.

I’ll admit that this all happened really fast. In less than a week we had looked at this house, made an offer, rented out our first house, and were under contract. Then we backed out the contract the week we were suppose to close because of the bank trying to force us to get a renovation mortgage, which we didn’t want. So after a very stressful month we found ourselves homeless (well we were living with my mom). Luckily we put in offer in on another house we liked even better the very next day and 2 days later they accepted our offer. Oh, and we don’t have to worry about being bored for a while. This house is definitely a fixer-upper, but it is in our dream neighborhood and we got it for about 20% less than the going rate in the neighborhood , so we have plenty of room to make it our own.

Well, without further ado, here is a quick tour of our new house along with the plans for the renovation. The house is 2700 sq feet with 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 2 half baths, and a room over the garage.




  • Paint Trim white and re-coat the shutters
  • Install new windows
  • Build a portico over the front steps like this.
  • Install a retaining wall around garden similar to this one.
  • Get rid of the weeds and grow grass
  • Add new landscaping
  • Eventually we’d like to re-do the whole exterior to more like this.



  • Install laminate floors
  • Re-finish stair treads and banister like this.
  • Install wainscoting such as this.
  • Beef up moldings around the doors
  • Paint
  • Get a new light fixture



  • Paint walls and trim
  • Install laminate floors
  • Build built-in bookcase along one wall like this one.

Dining Room

Dining Room

  • Install laminate floors
  • Paint walls
  • Buy dining room furniture

Family Room


  • Remove wall between kitchen and family room
  • Paint beams white Family Room
  • Remove paneling and install drywall.
  • Paint walls and trim
  • Install wainscoting along left wall like this room.
  • Paint built-ins and fireplace surround white.
  • Beef up the area above the fireplace like this.
  • Install pot lights and a new fan
  • Install laminate floors
  • Buy new furniture and decorate room like this.



  • Build a banquet for the bay window similar to this one.
  • Remove desk and install beverage center with fridges similar to this.
  • Replace all cabinets, counter tops, and appliances so it looks more like this kitchen.
  • Install laminate floor.
  • Paint walls.
  • Install new light fixtures from Barn Light Electric.
  • Install new tile back splash.
  • Make room look like our mood board.

Half bath

Half bath

  • Replace vanity and mirror
  • Install tile floor
  • Stencil walls with something bold.



Play room

  • Paint Build-ins white
  • Paint walls and add a mural like this one.


Master Bedroom

Master bedroom

  • Paint walls
  • Install a ceiling fan
  • Add crown molding
  • Build a new headboard

Master Bathroom

Master Bath

  • Build barn door to cover entrance like this.
  • Replace vanity with a double sink like this one (will be painted until then)
  • Open wall between vanity and bathroom and build a custom glass shower.
  • Install tile.

Guest Room

Guest room

  • Paint walls
  • Buy guest room furniture

Sophie’s Room

Sophie's Room

  • Paint walls Fairytale Pink and trim white
  • Install fan
  • Replace door knob

Lizzie’s room

Lizzie's Room

  • Install fan
  • Paint walls
  • ¬†Replace door knob

Guest Bath

Giest Bath

  • Replace vanity, mirrors, and hardware.
  • Sophie would like it to look like this.


  • Back yard Grow grass
  • Replace fence
  • Install an in-ground pool and patio
  • Landscape
  • Fix AC units that are not currently working and find a way to hide them

Screened Porch

Screend Porch

  • Paint posts and railings white so it looks like this.
  • Replace the fan and screens
  • Buy a new screen door.
  • Paint the concrete floor.

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