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Wood or white quarter round?

This is a blissfully short post, but I wanted to share a tip that we found out the hard way. When it comes to picking quarter round for hardwood or laminate floors you should match the molding to your baseboards and not to your floor! The reason for this is two-fold: 1) primed quarter round is cheaper than stain grade or laminate and 2)stained quarter round will make your baseboards looks smaller while painted quarter round will make them look larger. Just to belabor the point some more I made the following infographic:

type of quarter round

As you can see when we first laid our floors we installed the quarter round that matched the floors. Not only did it shorten the look of the baseboards, but it didn’t hold up well. One spilled glass of water and the whole thing warped. We replaced it with primed white quarter round for a fraction of the cost of the wood tone kind then painted it to match our baseboards. Voila! Our baseboards look larger.