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Outdoor Reclaimed Wood Floating Buffet

reclaimed wood outdoor buffet I’m finally ready to share our first real completed project on the screened in porch with you. It’s a floating buffet made out of reclaimed wood that actually hinges up for storage. And the best part is that is cost us basically nothing (we only had to buy the hinges!) Let’s back track a little to where this project started.

porch before There was this nice empty spot between the french doors and the windows on our porch that was just begging for a table. And there was the nice pile of wood sitting in our backyard from when we took down the old play set.

reclaimed wood We decided to build a rustic industrial buffet that would float or hang off the wall and could be hinged up for storage in the off season. It’s super easy to construct, but I’ll break it down for you in a couple of pictures.

rustic outdoor buffett We started by picking out 3 of the best pieces of reclaimed wood then screwed in 3 pieces of scrap wood vertically to hold the table top together.

industrial pallet buffet Next we added three more pieces to the underneath of the table.

reclaimed wood table Finally we finished off all of the edges with cedar left over from the reclaimed window pane window box project.

reclaimed wood buffet In order to secure the table to the vinyl siding we added a piece of wood at the height of the table making sure to screw it into studs. I then painted the white board the same color as the siding.

reclaimed wood outdoor buffet The table is hung  from two places. Its secured directly to the house by two hinges that are hidden underneath the table top and from two chains that we simply screwed into studs behind the siding. The chains were also left over from the window boxes.

Outdoor wood buffet for porch This view really allows you to see the character of the wood. We sanded it down lightly to remove the dirt and grime then I finished it with a coat of coconut oil (because that’s all I had).

DIY reclaimed wood industrial table It’s really amazing how much more functional the porch is now. We love being able to put drinks and snacks on the buffet while we’re entertaining guests outside. It’s also a much nicer view now from the outdoor furniture. Remember this is what is looked like before:

porch before And now!

Porch after buffet You might also notice that the doors are now the same color as our shutters and the trim got a nice white paint job. The windows also received some window treatments (more on that soon). For now please ignore that tiny outdated light fixture and the terrible metal storm shutters. Those are both updates for another day.

We’re continuing to finish up the trim on the outside of the porch as well as lay a new floor, so look for more porch updates soon!

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The best plants for the porch

shade plants If you want a beautiful porch that will add tons of curb appeal to your home all you have to do is add plants. Most people, however make 3 crucial mistakes when it comes to potting plants on a covered porch or patio.

Mistake #1: You bought sun loving plants.

Most covered porches and patios are going to be shaded or at best partial sun. Make sure you pick plants that are shade tolerant for your porch. Flowering plants that are labeled full sun will quickly loose their flowers if placed in the shade.

Mistake #2: Your plants aren’t large enough.

When you are planting in a large garden bed you can cluster multiple plants together to get a large impact, but unless you have 20 pots on your front porch this technique isn’t going to work for you. You want your plants to  be visible from the street, yard, or house so that you can enjoy them when you are not sitting on your porch. Also, if passerbys can’t see the plants from the road then they are not boosting your curb appeal. You have limited space on a porch, so make sure to pick plants that are large and lush looking. You can see from the picture below of our porch that while there are not a lot of plants they all make a dramatic impact from the street.

Shade plants for porch

Mistake #3: You are not watering or fertilizing enough.

Pots have many benefits over gardens: no weeding, less space, can be placed on concrete. However, they do have one downfall: the suck up water and nutrients out of the soil since they can’t be replaced naturally through rain or organic decomposition. This means that your pots need to be watered and fertilized frequently. I find that once the summer heat hits my pots need to be watered everyday and since the ones on my porch do not receive rainfall that means I water them by hand.  Typically fertilizing once every 1-2 weeks is fine or you can plant in Miracle Grow soil or use a slow release fertilizer.

Below are my 3 favorite plants to use on our covered porch. All do well in the shade, look beautiful and lush, and are easy to maintain.


hosta on front porch

Hostas are a mounding perennial that prefer shade to partial sun and produce purple flowers in late Spring. Many people don’t think to plant perennials in pots, but the major advantage of them is that with absolutely no work they come back every single Spring. In fact, Hostas require absolutely no work to maintain. One of my favorite things about Hostas is that you can split your stock. After a year or two if your plant is becoming rather large you can dig it up (preferably in the Fall) break it in two, and replant them as two separate plants. I’ve done this many times in my garden and they always come back beautiful, and well, hey who doesn’t like free plants? Hostas are planted for their foliage and will maintain their bright green leaves until winter (the flowers will die back after a couple of weeks). They come in many different varieties including variegated which you can see in my picture above.

Boston Ferns

boston fern for the porch


 Boston Ferns are another shade loving plant that is grown for it’s foliage. I hang 3 ferns in baskets on my porch every year, and they instantly add a vibrancy and lushness to an area that looked otherwise dead all winter. As tropical plants, ferns do well in the heat and won’t die back until the first frost.


New guinea impatiens

My first two picks for the best plants for the porch were both green foliage and for good reason. They are large, lush, impressive, and won’t lose their vibrancy, but sometimes a little color is called for. My favorite flower to use on my porch is impatiens. Impatiens are shade loving and come in a variety of colors. Other than deadheading, watering , and fertilizing they  do not need any extra care. They will bloom all spring and summer until the first frost hits. The variety I have planted above is called a New Guinea Impatiens and is a little more fancy than your typical run of the mill variety.

Well those are my top 3 choices for plants that do well on a covered porch. Keep in mind that I live is zone 7, so your success with some of these plants may vary depending where you live, but in general they are all pretty low maintenance. So tell me, what are you go to plants for covered areas?

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