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Tangled inspired art party

art themed birthday party

For Sophie’s 3rd birthday we decided to do a Tangled inspired art party theme. This idea was born from the fact that for the second year in a row Sophie demanded a Tangled party, and I do hate to be repetitive. If you’ve seen the movie than you know that Rapunzel is portrayed as an artist who paints the entire inside of her tower (and spends her days with a Chameleon named Pascal.) Luckily Sophie’s birthday is in September so we get to to take advantage of our huge yard and deck and have the party outside, which is a good thing considering we had 10 3 year olds wielding paint brushes.


tangled party rapunzel decorationa

For the decor I made 3 of these tangled inspired banners that came right out of the movie. To make the banners I found a free image available here, printed it onto card stock, cut out the sun with an exacto knife, then painted the sun onto purple card stock using a foam brush. The stencil will make 3 pendents per piece of paper. Once the paint was dry I traced triangles onto the paper and cut them out by hand.  Finally, I taped all the pendants to a piece of string to hang them.

tangled party decorations

I also decorated almost everything I could with purple and yellow crepe paper. This is a really cheap way to add a lot more color to your party. Unfortunately, it was really humid outside and the crepe paper didn’t hold up so well. I also used a lot of balloons which 3 year olds love!  I ordered this set of balloons * from Amazon which included the large Rapunzel Mylar, large purple #3 (also available with other numbers), 2 small Rapunzel Mylars, 2 purple heart Mylars, and 6 coordinating latex balloons. We blew them all up along with some more purple and yellow latex balloons with a helium tank we bought at Michael’s for $15.

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tangled party decorations


For some unknown reason, other than I like to make more work for myself, I always coordinate the girls outfits with the theme of the  party. This year I made Sophie a Rapunzel inspired dress from an old purple ruffled tablecloth that I sewed to a white tank top from Target. I then added a coordinating purple ribbon around the center that tied in the back.

rapunzel inspired dress


This cake was truly a masterpiece. It was made by a good friend of the family (otherwise I never would have been able to afford it). The kids absolutely adored it!  It’s obviously inspired by Rapunzel’s tower from the movie. Not only was the cake delicious but the tower was made out of a giant Rice Krispy Treat and so was completely edible too!

tangled rapunzel tower cake

Fun and Games

art party

The kids all created their own one of a kind canvas painting at the party. Above you can see the set-up before the kids got to it.  The aprons * were from Amazon, $10 for a 12 pack. I used this sun stencil to dress them up a little bit with some more Tangled suns.  I sponged the suns on in either purple or yellow depending on the color of the apron. These were also a big hit and the kids got to bring them home with them. The paint ( crayola 10 pack), canvases, paint trays, and paint brushes all came from Michael’s.  I spent a  couple of months getting ready for this party so I was able to get all the supplies at Michael’s 40-50% off.

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rapunzel art party

The kids had a ton of fun with this project, and it was so neat to see what they all came up with. Plus they loved getting to bring it home with them. A good number of the parents sent me pictures of the painting hanging up in their homes. You can see all the canvases drying below.

tangled art party

In order to make sure we didn’t mix up the canvases and so the kids would remember the party, I created these name tags that I printed onto sticker paper. After the kids finished painting we wrote their names on the tags and stuck them to the back of the canvas.

tangled art name tag


I have been on a mission to make favors cheaper and less work, so I decided that rather than buy a ton of junk for the kids I would but just one larger item. I ordered theses yellow and purple Round-up Lollipops from the Bulk Candy Store for $11.50 per dozen. I personalized them with gift tags I designed myself and cut out with craft punches.

tangled party favors

Here’s a close-up of the tag I designed for the favors. I simply made this in MS Word and printed it onto white card stock. I used a larger scalloped edge craft punch on purple card stock to create the border and simply glued the two together.

tangled thank you card


We had a fantastic party. Adults and children both seemed to enjoy the theme.  I liked being able to provide something a little different from the run of the mill birthday parties we go to all year. In the end we had one happy Birthday girl, which is all that really matters!

birthday girl

Lizzie’s Vintage Circus inspired 1st birthday party


Carnival collage

Before Lizzie was even born I had already decided that her first birthday would be a vintage circus theme. Teal and red are also conveniently the colors of her nursery. The weekend before her birthday we did a DIY vintage inspired cake smash featuring her birthday outfit.


The Menu

We were trying to keep the food cheap, easy, and themed so we came up with Hot dogs, BBQ meatballs, popcorn, and caramel apples. We popped the popcorn ourselves, the meatballs stayed warm in the crockpot as did the hotdogs in there sleeves, and the caramel apples were apples slices with caramel dipping sauce. The food containers were my favorite thing at her birthday.  The popcorn bags, hotdog wraps, and red and white trays came from Pink Lemonade Party on Etsy.




I’m a little obsessed with food tents. I made these myself in MS Word by downloading a free circus font from the web.


For drinks were served lemonade, water, and beer. The coordinating paper straws are also from Pink Lemonade Party.


This beautiful cake was really the centerpiece of the whole party. Our friend Jenna made it for Lizzie. It was beyond anything we could have possible imagined!


Lizzie loved the cake (as you can see below). The first picture is from Sophie’s first birthday and I thought It would be cute to get a similar one of me and Lizzie, but as you can see Lizzie had other ideas.

Lizzie and mommy cake birthday


I’m so over all the little crappy things kids get as favors at birthday parties, not to mention how much it all costs. This year I decided to simplify and only get each kid one thing. I found these cute bags on cotton candy from Sweetopia Cotton Candy on Etsy and they were a huge hit.



Since it was a 1st birthday party I decided not to do formal games, but I did make this cute little ring toss game. It actually only cost me $2! The bottles were old beer bottles (no shortage of those around here), the crate was a clementine box, the paint I already had laying around, and I made my own stencil to print ring toss on it. I bought a set of 5 bangles at Michael’s for $2 and wrapped them with shredded fabric that I already had laying around. The 3 year olds at the party had a ball with it.