Table Makeover: How to refinish a kid’s table

Table Makeover: How to refinish a kid's tableThis table makeover is for a super cute table and chair set that Sophie received for her birthday from my in-laws. After little more than a year of crayons, play-doh and spilled drinks the top of the table wasn’t holding up so well.  You can see below that scratches had appeared on the finish and thanks to countless spilled drinks that table top was actually starting to warp.Table Makeover for a kid's room

To start the table makeover I took the table outside and gave it a light sanding to help bring down some a of raised edges from where the table had started to warp.

Table Makeover: How to refinish a kid's table

Next, I sprayed the table with Mostenbocker’s All Surface Paint Prep to help degrease the finish and shine.  Spray the product on, wait a minute, then wipe off with a damp sponge. I bought this at Home Depot but you can find a similar product here on Amazon.

Table Makeover: How to refinish a kid's table

Once the surface is dry you are ready to prime. It was really important to me that the table was sealed as best as possible to prevent the finish from warping further so I used Zinsser Cover Stain Primer which is by far the best primer I’ve ever come across. Use a foam roller to prime the entire table. One coat will do. This primer is oil based so I recommend you wear latex gloves and use a cheap roller that you can throw away when you are done. Let the primer dry for at least an hour then begin painting the table with your color of choice. I choose Olympic Premium Exterior Semi-gloss in Delicate White from Lowe’s which was left over from the bookcase project. I applied 2 coats again using a foam roller to get a smooth finish. Once I had applied the last coat I let the paint dry over night.Table Makeover: How to refinish a kid's table

The final step in our table makeover was to add a decorative finish. This is purely optional. At this point the table has been sealed and repainted and it ready to go, but I always like to go the extra step and customize furniture to a room.  Since Sophie’s room is black, white, and teal I decided to do a simple black square on the table to dress it up. First, I taped off the exterior of the table with ScotchBlue painter’s tape then measured two inches in and taped of another square.  Run your hands along the edges of the tape to make sure you have a sealed edge to prevent paint leakage. Table Makeover: How to refinish a kid's table

I used Benjamin Moore’s Super Spec DTM Acrylic Low Lustre in black for the band. At $18 for a quart this paint isn’t cheap but it’s made to be applied directly to raw metal which makes it super durable which exactly what I wanted for a kid’s table. Plus high quality black paint can be used for a million and one projects around the house.

Table Makeover: How to refinish a kid's table

Use a foam roller or brush to apply the paint to get a super smooth finish. Below you can see what it looked like after 1 coat. I applied 2 coats. Wait 4 hours between coats and at least 24 hours before allowing the table to be used again.Table Makeover: How to refinish a kid's table

Here is what the table makeover looked like when finished. This was a very easy project that could be customized in a infinite number of ways. I still haven’t done anything with the chairs yet. I guess the least I could do was scrape the stickers off of them. Table Makeover: How to refinish a kid's table

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