Starting the laundry room

Along with the nautical half bath and the industrial half bath we’ve also started slowly working on making over our laundry room. We haven’t started any of the really fun stuff yet, well ok technically all we’ve done is paint and hang a new light. But hey it was the light you guys helped us pick out.  Remember way back when we had you vote on your favorite light? We actually bought the light months ago but it just got hung this past weekend, so it seemed like the perfect time to give you all an update on the makeover.

Here was the before:

laundry room before Laundry room before And here it is in progress:

white laundry room Ahhhh……so clean and so white! The room is essentially going to stay white and act as a transition between the gray and mint kitchen and the green and gold half bath.

laundy room paint I did run into a little problem with the paint color. After painting the whole room I realized the color I picked was a little too yellow (on the left). I wound up picking a new color (Olympic’s Vermont Cream) on the right which is perfect!

laundry room The wall behind the washer and dryer is getting horizontal planks which will be painted the same color as the rest of the room, Reclaimed wood shelves will also go up on this wall to hold the laundry supplies and some decorative accents.

diamond light fixture Oh and did you notice the light?? The winner was the Young House Love Geometric Diamond from Shades of Light. Ignore the tacky CFL bulb for now. It’s getting replaced.

The room will also be getting the same tile treatment that the screened in porch got as well as a new washer and dryer.

I’m not sure when this project will wrap up but for now I’ll enjoy my unfinished yet refreshingly white laundry room!

laundry room b_a

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