Sophie’s Gymnastics Birthday Party

I can’t believe it, but Sophie is 4 years old! I’m usually not very nostalgic about my kids growing up, but this year is hitting me hard. 4 is no longer a toddler but a full blown little person, and with Lizzie turning 2 in a couple of months I won’t have a baby anymore either. Cue the sad face 🙁  After 3 years of having her parties at home (cleaning, preparing, cleaning again) we decided that this year we would try having the kid’s parties at local venues instead.  It was a good call because little did we know when we made that decision a year ago that we would be in the middle of renovating a new house during party season.

Sophie has been doing gymnastics for a year now and when she found out that they hosted birthday parties at her gym she was sold on the idea. The gym provides all the entertainment, drinks, balloons, and paper products, so all I had to do was show up with the cake. Of course the decorator in me just couldn’t resist doing something cutesie for the party, so I put all my energy into the favors. After spending a fortune on favors at Sophie’s 1st birthday party, I decided to downsize favors by picking 1 larger item instead of a ton of little things. You may remember the lollipops from Sophie’s Rapunzel art party or the cotton candy from Lizzie’s Circus party. This year I decided on large chocolate chip cookies that I baked from Pillsbury ready dough (no baking skills for this mom). I bought a custom graphic from KidEprints for $5 (the graphic I bought is no longer available but here is a similar one) that I then printed directly onto white paper bags I picked up at Michael’s. I also picked up treat bags for the cookies and printed a thank you note onto them.

gymnastics party

I only ran into 2 snags with this project. The treat bags are thin and can easily jam in the printer so make sure you have extras on hand in case you mess up any. The favor bags would only feed through my printer one way or else the printer would jam where the bottom folded over. This caused me to have to move up my logo higher than I originally intended to.

gymnastics birthday party

After I was done printing all the bags I filled them with the cookies, some Kit Kats (Sophie’s favorite), and some temporary tattoos. Once they were all filled I folded the tops down backwards, hole punched two holes, and ran pink curling ribbon through them in order to keep them closed. The hole punching was harder than I anticipated and I had to outsource that to Cody. I made sure not to tie the bows into knots, so that the kids could open them by themselves. I love how simple (and cheap) these were yet so super cute!

gymnastics party t-shirt

I used the same graphic to make an iron on transfer for Sophie’s birthday outfit. You can sort of make out the shirt in the above picture. Unfortunately, I left the iron on a little too long and it caused some brown spots on the graphic, but she still looked really cute and she’ll probably never wear it again anyways.

gymnastics birthday cupcake toppers Gymnastics cakes are hard to come by, unless you want to pay a small fortune for a custom cake (not this year), so I had decided to do cupcakes instead and I bought these cute little gymnastics cupcake toppers from PaperPartyParade for only $8. The cupcakes were just from our local Farm Fresh and I added some yellow sprinkles for a little pizazz. This would have been the end of it except Sophie started insisting that she doesn’t like cupcakes and wants a cake instead……what’s a mom to do?

gymnastics birthday cake

Buy a cake too of course! I wound up with a dozen chocolate cupcake and a 1/4 sheet of marble cake all done up with lots of pink and finished off with more of the cupcake toppers.

Sophie cake

In the end I had one happy little girl who loved her gymnastics birthday party and one happy mama who was glad to go home and not have to worry about cleaning up for once 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Sophie’s Gymnastics Birthday Party”

  1. Hi just wondering how you got the number and gymnast to print off I looked but couldn’t find it ,
    I’m after it for my soon to be 7 year old that’s having a gymnastics party this year 🙂
    Thank you

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