Screened in porch makeover reveal Phase 1

The screened in porch makeover was suppose to take 3 months. Instead it took 7 months! The good news? It’s finally done! I haven’t shared much about the makeover on the blog because frankly the steps were pretty boring. I wasn’t sure you’d appreciate a whole post on painting. The only project I’ve shared to date is the floating buffet table we made out of reclaimed wood.  Let’s start with the before shot so we can all remember how this room looked when we bought the house:

Screened Porch beforeThis porch was actually a HUGE selling feature of the house. While it needed some cosmetic work a porch like this would easily have been a $20,000 addition. And in a place like coastal Virginia having a way to be outside without getting eaten by mosquito is priceless.

Phase 1 of the makeover consisted of improving the structure itself. Here is what we did:

  1. Replaced warped posts
  2. Painted all railings and posts white and the ceiling blue.
  3. Added screens and a screened door
  4. Added rot resistant molding to the outside of the structure
  5. Replaced the fan
  6. Installed a drain in the floor
  7. Tiled the floor

Phase 2 will consist of the decorative aspect of the makeover including new furniture. So, for now please ignore the old dirty furniture. And here’s how it looks now:

screened in porch makeover

screened in porch buffet

outdoor room makeover

porch makeover

tablescape porch

porch makeover

Isn’t the transformation amazing?? I love how cheery and bright the space is now. It really does feel like an extension of our home.

porch makeover before and afterAnd here is some exterior shots:

backyard before

exterior screened in porch

porch exterior

So, there it is! I can’t even begin to describe how pleased we are with this space! As for the rest of the backyard…..we have huge plans in the works. I mean like the most exciting plans we’ve ever made for this house. Hopefully I will be able to share them soon!

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  1. That porch is amazing!!! I love that you screened it in, so you can enjoy it without any bugs bothering you. It’s basically another living space of the home. What an amazing transformation. For what it’s worth, I think your furniture looks great!

    • Thanks Ericka! It’s our favorite place to hang out in the house! We love the furniture too, and we’ve had it for 7 years. Unfortunately, it’s starting to actually fall apart, so we’ll have to make way for a new set soon.

    • Hi !
      We are building a 3 season screen room too.
      I’d like to know what tiles you used in the floor and have they held up nicely?

      • Hi Kim! We used porcelain tiles for the porch and after 3 years we still have no cracking. They also clean up nicely with just a hose on high pressure.

  2. We’re going to help our daughter screen in her back porch. How did you do the screening? She has rails and posts like you. Is the screening one continuous piece or many pieces? How did you attach the screen so it doesn’t sag?


    • Hey Jane! We did our screen in individual pieces. One piece between each post. We used a staple gun to attach the screening and just pulled it tight as we were going. After all the screening was up we covered the edges of the screen with lattice work to give it a finished look. The reason we did the screening in pieces is so that in the future if we have to replace a piece we can just remove the lattice work on that one section, replace the screen, and put the lattice back up as opposed top having to take all the screening down. Good luck with your project!

      • Thanks for the speedy response. One more question — my daughter’s porch is on the 2nd floor! any opinion on how this system might work if we did it on the inside? Please feel free to say we’re nuts 😉

        • Wow that’s quite a project, but I think it would work exactly the same. The lattice pieces are really just to the cover the edges of the screening and the staples. Otherwise it will look pretty messy. Send pictures when you get it done! A second story porch sounds amazing!

  3. This is so beautiful!! What product did you use for the flooring? We are looking to do a similar project soon and I love the look you have!

  4. Does your porch stay open to the elements through the winter? Do you get freezing temperatures? We are going to put a new floor in our screened porch and trying to decide on the best flooring for our Michigan location. Wondering if the ceramic you used would work in our situation.

    • Hi Becky! Our porch is open to the elements all year and while we do get some snow and freezing temperatures it is nothing like Michigan. Our deep freezes only tend to last a couple of days. The tiles themselves are porcelain which I’ve been led to believe holds up better outdoors than ceramic. This will be the 3rd season with them and so far we have no cracking.