Renovation Update Part 1

I know it’s been pretty quiet around here, but I was on vacation with the kids for a week at Disney, oh and did I mention that I started a new job today? Great timing right? Nothing like piling all the stress on at once. Here we are enjoying our last family vacation for a while:


It hasn’t been all fun and games around here. While we were in Florida, Cody was working away on the renovations on the new house. We had hoped to be moving in Labor Day weekend but due to some unforeseen and extensive damage to the sub flooring we are about a week behind schedule. This is exactly the picture you don’t want to receive while on vacation:


Luckily we made some more headway this weekend and we’re optimistic we can be moved in 2 weeks from now. Currently we are in the” it’s going to get worse before it gets better” phase of renovation. So now for the updates I promised.

Family Room

renovation family room

  • Rip out hardwood floors– This was a major setback for us. The floors took forever to come out and we found extensive rot in the sub floors near the back door and window that needed to be replaced.
  • Prime and paint fireplace surround and bookshelves I had to caulk a bunch of gaps in the molding, but now it’s just waiting for a coat of paint.
  • Paint ceiling, walls, and trim- I’m about 1/2 way through with the ceiling
  • Install new floors


renovation kitchen

  • Take down pony wall half way: You may notice the wall is missing completely. We had only planned to cut it back about 2 feet but unfortunately the rotted floors extended under the wall as well us up the wall.
  • Rip out cabinets and floors: This was surprisingly easy and luckily no surprises
  • Prime and paint walls, trim, and ceiling: The walls and trim have been primed.
  • Install new floor
  • Install new cabinets and dishwasher: They are all bought and hanging out in the garage.


renovation office

  • Rip out floors: This was another room that we found extensive rot in the sub floors as well as an existing leak at the bay window that had to be dealt with.
  • Install new floors: They are about 10% done! Whoohoo!

Dining Room

Dining Room renovation

  • Rip out floors
  • Prime walls: Courtesy of my wonderful father-in-law
  • Install new floors: About 10% complete. My baby brother volunteered a day to help Cody out with this.

As you can see, Sophie is really digging the new floors too!

Sophie floor

The Girls’ Rooms

renovation Lizzie's room

  • Prime and paint trim, windows, and doors: This took forever. 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of bright white.
  • Paint walls: My wonderful in-laws spent the entire weekend we were gone getting the girl’s rooms painted for them!
  • Scrape windows: We initially had tried to spray the windows and trim, but unfortunately all it accomplished was spraying paint all over the glass.
  • Clean carpets

Play room

This room is not really part of the initial renovation but as you can see we have started moving some furniture out of storage. Cody created a nice little play area for the kids to try to keep them away from the disaster down stairs.

renovation playroom

To save time we had to cut a couple of items off our original “before move in renovation” list including scraping the popcorn ceiling in the family room and painting the master bedroom and laundry area.  They’ll get done soon enough, but their not imperative right now. The plan is to have the floors finished by this weekend so that we can use the long holiday weekend to get started on the kitchen.  More updates to come soon.

5 thoughts on “Renovation Update Part 1”

    1. Sophie is irritated it’s not done yet. She’s ready to move in. Lizzie is just annoyed that we won’t let her play with all the sharp tools or let her help paint. I’m looking forward to the house being less of a construction zone so we can bring the kids over more.

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