Quick mailbox makeover

Remember when I shared that lovely picture of our mailbox back when we installed the new pediment? Well, it has finally received some TLC. I’m calling this a makeover because it’s pretty dramatic, but honestly it’s more of a band-aid. The post and box need to be replaced. Eventually I’d really love to do a custom brick mailbox, maybe like this; however, the mailbox is just not at the top of our priority list right now, so it’s getting a temporary patch up instead.  Here’s a reminder of what we started with: mailbox before

And here is the back:

Mail box makeover before

With the exception of the hardware, flag, and street numbers we already had everything in the garage for this project.  We salvaged the original box but replaced the back which was completely rotted with a piece of leftover plywood. Cody added some leftover shoe molding to the top of the plywood to dress it up a bit.

mailbox makeover Next, everything got two coats of Valspar Advance white exterior paint. This was my first time using this paint and I have to say that I was impressed. It was very thick but dried quickly, and complete coverage in white with two coats is sort of a miracle. Cody made the new lid out of left over butcher block from the kitchen counters and routed the edges to give it a finished look. And here’s the final product:

mailbox facelift I wanted to stick to a traditional feel (remember our house is a colonial), so I went with black wrought iron numbers and hardware which all came from Lowe’s. We also added a classic red flag and the Shepard’s hook which came from our first house.

mailbox with flowers

The lid is pretty heavy since it’s made out of left over butcher block, so I wanted to make sure we had some pretty heavy duty hardware for it.

colonial mailbox

Sophie picked out these trailing pansies which were the perfect choice to bring a little color to the end of our driveway.

hanging pots on mailbox

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with this makeover. Partially because it was so cheap. I wasn’t really keeping track, but it was definitely under $20! Not bad for a band-aid. And because I can’t help myself here is one more before and after:

painting a mailbox white and black mailbox

I’ve been busy painting some of the trim on the exterior as well, so look for that update soon!

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