Quick and easy DIY silhouettes

make a silhouette with a bow

I’ve been dying to make silhouettes of my kids ever since I’ve seen them all over Pinterest. To me this is my favorite kind of art. It’s personal, customizable, and cheap! I love that silhouettes are also a very classic motif and it doesn’t hurt that they are easy to make. I decided not to write a whole new tutorial for this project since they are all over the internet (here is the one I used), but I will give you a couple of details.

  1. I used black construction paper for the silhouette
  2. The background is a gift bag that I bought at Target (cute, right?)
  3. I glued the construction paper to the background with Elmer’s glue
  4. The frames are Ikea Ribba.

Here’s an example of the pictures I started with and how the silhouette came out:

silh collage DIY silhouette







I made them nice and pinnable for you too!

The inspiration to add the ribbon actually came from this silhouette pillow.  My girl’s always have bows and headbands in their hair so it only made sense to add them.

how to make a silhouette I love how these came out. The colors are absolutely perfect. I especially love the texture of the gift bag which looks like lace. The options you could used for the backdrop are endless (think of all that scrapbook paper out there!)

The frames found a home at the top of our kitchen stairs. They draw the eye up while the mint color connects the two spaces together (remember our mint school house lights and our mint and sisal chandelier in the kitchen?)

how to make a silhouette For now please ignore the ugly stairs and half painted walls. They’re next on our to-do list. The silhouettes also make the perfect transition from the adult space of the kitchen to the kid’s space of the playroom.

DIY silhouette tutorial Stay tuned for 3 more DIY art projects I have on my list. Until check out some of previous projects: Stenciled Burlap art, DIY Subway Art, Glitter art, and reclaimed wood moose head.

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5 thoughts on “Quick and easy DIY silhouettes”

  1. So adorable! I love how this turned out! I made a silhouette for my daughter, but just traced my computer of the one from RH baby. And colored it in with a sharpie lol. It came out cute but I love how this is of your girls. I may have to get some craft paper to dress it up and throw a bow in the hair (love that touch)

    @Seeking Lavender Lane

    1. A sharpie is a great idea! I was super nervous that this project wouldn’t work out. But it wound up being a lot easier than I thought. My girls adore having pictures made of themselves. It was hard to get them to keep their hands off of the frames.

    1. Hey Anna! I thought I had replied to you but I don’t see it in the comments so just in case…..I simply taped the image over the black construction paper then cut around the image. You just have to be careful not to let the paper slide as you cut off the tape.

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