Organizing a Girls Closet with a Dress-up Bar

Sophie’s closet was in desperate need of reorganizing. It actually had a nice shelving unit and some containers in it already, but they just weren’t cutting it. The closet door rarely closed due to all the stuff falling off the shelves or that were piled on the floor.

girls Closet before organization

Also, I really wanted to make her a little area to organize all her dress-up accessories. The girl has 7 different dresses and 9 pairs of dress-up shoes along with gloves, necklaces, hats, and tiaras. Everyday she wants to wear a different dress which means she’s constantly asking for our help to get them down from her closet. I have seen some really cute furniture makeovers involving the creation of a dress-up nook, but I didn’t want anymore furniture in her room. The solution: a $5 tension rod from Target placed sideways in the closet.

tension rod used to create a dress-up bar for a girls closet

Now all of her dresses are low enough she can get them (and put them back) herself. To make way for the new rod we raised the original hanging rod up about a foot. I always thought there was too much space between the top shelf and ceiling anyways. Now I have just enough room to store some bins on the top shelf which  made for plenty of room below. I added some new teal bins with labels to the shelves to help corral clutter.

organized girls closet

The back of the door got some love too. I made her a new bow holder that matches the room’s color scheme and added some command hooks to hold bags. I seriously can’t believe I haven’t bought these hooks earlier. They are amazing!

Use command hooks to hold bags in a girls closet

And here is the before and after shot:Organizing a girls closet before and after with a dress-up bar

So much neater and the best part is Sophie has been helping keep it clean!

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