How new windows made me not hate my vinyl siding

It’s not a secret that I don’t particularly like the curb appeal that our house is currently harnessing. We started to improve it in the fall by painting the shutters and trim, adding a pediment above the door, giving the mailbox a makeover, and replanting the front gardens. Unfortunately, it was soon winter and all our progress came to a screeching halt. Which means I’ve been driving up to a house for months now and thinking how much I hate the siding, the roof, the front door, and most of all the windows! Our windows were the original single paned wood windows the house was built with and to add insult to injury they had these terrible brown metal storm shutters over them. Even if I could figure out how to work the storm shutters (never did) most of the windows were painted shut anyways, so besides the aesthetic reasons for replacing them there was also efficiency and safety concerns. exterior progress Now let me drop a bombshell on you: we actually hired this project out!

I think it’s actually the first time we’ve ever hired a professional to work on our house. Cody installed all the windows on our first house, but there were a couple of really important reasons we called a professional this time:

  1. The second story is really high. Like dangerously high.
  2. This is our forever home, so things like lifetime warranties start to seem worth it.
  3. We wanted all the wood trim to be vinyl wrapped and we don’t know how to do that.
  4. Most importantly: We didn’t feel like doing it.

After asking literally every person we know, and some we don’t about their experiences with replacement windows, Window World won hands down.

Window world The sales guy came out and gave us a free quote and measured our windows. We already knew what we wanted to it was pretty painless. In the end the 11 windows on the front of our house cost us $4400. That included the 2 extra large picture windows, the UV upgrade, all the vinyl wrapping, the grids upgrade, and fixing some rotted trim and window sill.

It took about 2 weeks for the windows to come in after they were ordered and only about 2 1/2 hours to get them all installed. Except for the first 30 minutes of hammering out the old windows, I barley even knew the installation team was there. And  I was actually shocked how much better our house looked when they were all done!

white vinyl windows colonial We choose to add the grids into the windows which cost us $300 extra, but they’re pretty standard colonial fair and we wanted to  stay true the style. The biggest change we made was choosing clear picture windows for the center of the bays which makes a huge difference in visibility from inside looking out.

bay window on colonial My favorite thing about the whole project though is the vinyl wrap. Not only is it maintenance free, but it so clean and pretty. This section on our bay was completely rotted out before. Wouldn’t know that now. Also I love how the white trim and windows helps tie the whole house together with the white pediment and crown molding. It’s almost as if we planned it that way…….

vinyal trim wrap white And in case you’ve forgotten where we started 6 months ago here is a reminder:

exterior before And here we are now:

white vinyl windows colonial Oh, and back to my original title of this post. I HATE vinyl siding. In fact, I can’t wait to get rid of ours. Unfortunately, it’s in really good shape so it has to wait. I hated our siding even more because it was this yellowy beige.  My neighbors all had a much nicer tan beige, but not me. Then something miraculous happened when they replaced all the windows.  Without all the brown, the siding lost it’s yellowish hue. Nothing is going to make me love this siding, but I’m pleasantly surprised to find myself now tolerating it.

Next up on the curb appeal radar is a mini makeover for the front door and finally sprucing up those front gardens.  Just waiting on the warm weather.  Still waiting…….


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