Move In Renovation Part 2

This is the final update before the big move this weekend. Whew! After all we’ve been through this summer trying to find a house then renovating one; it’s hard to believe it’s finally time to actually move in! You may remember from last week’s update we we’re in the “it’s going to get worse before it gets better” phase. Well this week we finally hit the “omg look how good it looks” phase. Our goal for this coming week is to get the kitchen as done as possible before the move on Saturday. Spoiler alert: It’s won’t be done by Saturday. Here is where we stand as of today:

The biggest news of the week is that the floor is finally done! Of course we still have to install the baseboards and the quarter round, but that doesn’t really count……


The family room is also done! Well as done as it’s going to get before we move in. We decided to celebrate finishing the floors and painting by putting together all our new family room furniture that we bought just for this house. It’s starting to finally look habitable in our house.

move in renovation

The kitchen still has a long way to go, but I am happy to announce that we have finally started installing cabinets. You can also see our new fridge that we bought this weekend below. We were originally going to wait longer on the fridge but we realized that the fridge the house came with wasn’t working too well.


Here are the cabinets along the sink wall with the new dishwasher.


And our new wine and beverage fridges that will eventually be built-in.

move in renovation

My mom came over to give me a hand assembling the cabinets. Thanks mom!

move in renovation

The girl’s rooms still need the windows scraped. Luckily my cousin was in town on vacation, so I put her to work!

move in renovation

The big event on Saturday was getting the backyard cleared of debris from the renovation which meant I could finally mow the yard. I’m sure all our new neighbors are quietly rejoicing.

Move in renovation

The porch had also been cleared on Saturday but is now slowly re-filling up with cardboard boxes from all the cabinets.

move in renovation

Well that’s where we are three weeks into the renovation. The next update will be after we’re all moved in!

4 thoughts on “Move In Renovation Part 2”

  1. Your house is really coming along, Stephanie! I LOVE your floors and admit I am so jealous!! That’s a project that’s been on the back burner here for some time…I’m crossing my fingers for Santa!! Can’t wait to see it finished! XO

  2. I found myself looking around and reading your posts. Your blog is great and you have an awesome house. I will be coming back to check how it would be after the renovation is done.

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