Master Bathroom Remodel: Black and White with Vintage Charm

Our master bathroom had been added on in the 90’s, so it wasn’t quite as outdated as our hall bath, but it still came equipped with an awkward layout and a brass fiberglass shower. One of our major goals in this remodel was to make the shower larger. The fiberglass drop in shower was small and did not use all the space in the back corner. Because the corner was oddly shaped we couldn’t  just buy a new larger drop in, instead we had to build a custom shower stall from scratch.

Master bathroom before As for the design itself, we wanted a classic black and white color scheme with vintage charm. We knew we wanted white subway tile and a glass mosaic accent  tile as well as black cabinets. We also wanted updated brush nickle hardware and a frame-less glass shower door. Here is the original project board I designed.

master bath project board

Oh and did I mention we wanted to do all of this on a small budget? In the end we spent $3200 on this remodel. See below for  a breakdown of the budget.

Here are some pictures of the progress. The shower stall took the majority of the work. I think it took us about a month to finish it. First we ripped out the old shower then framed out the new stall walls.  Up went the cement backer board, then we prepped the floor for the new custom shower pan.

Custom shower pan

Here’s the new shower pan with the concrete poured.

custom shower pan

And with the new custom marble tiled floor. Hexagon mosaic marble floor

This gives you an idea of what the whole project entailed. We didn’t have a bathroom for about 2 months.

Gutted bathroom remodel

And the reveal!

Master bathroom remodel black and white

The wall color is amazing! It’s Olympic Sweet Illusion. It looked white on the chip but is undeniably blue on the wall. I wanted something soft to juxtaposition all the black and white and this color is truly ethereal.

Master bathroom remodel black and white

The frameless glass door almost didn’t happen. They were so much more expensive than we had imagined (think $700), then luckily we found this one on Overstock for $429. It’s a DreamLine Unidoor. I was a little skeptical at first about the quality, but it wound up being even nicer than most of the $700 ones we had looked at. The only caveat was that we couldn’t get a brush nickle handle, but for an almost $300 savings who care?

custom shower stall with subway tile and glass mosaic

The only real argument we got in over this bathroom was the tile. I was all set to put in a classic black and white floor (which is also very budget conscious) when Cody vetoed the idea. For a while we couldn’t decide at all what to do until we saw this floor tile at the Tile Shop. Its Hampton Carrara Polished 4 x 12 (13.99 sq ft). We loved that it looked like over-sized subway tile. The shower floor in Hampton Carrara 1 in hex (15.99 sq ft) surrounded by Black Pearl (6.99 sq ft) These tiles almost blew our budget. large rectabgular carra marble floor tiles

Because the floors were so expensive we decided to save money on the walls and go with subway tile. Cody was originally against this idea because of how much work subway tile is, but in the end the budget won. The subway tile (4.82 sq ft) and the glass accent tile (9.98 sq ft) are both from Lowe’s. We also updated all the fixtures with brushed nickle, also all from Lowe’s. brushed nickle faucet with glass moasic backsplash

Here’s a close-up of the accent tile. We knew we wanted glass tile and this one won us over with its subtle blues and marbles mixed in. glass mosaic accent tile with subway tile

We saved a lot of money by keeping the original tub and cabinets which were in great shape. We gave them a new black finish with acrylic black paint and added new hardware. The vanity got a new cultured white marble top as well as a new faucet. Vanity painted black with white marble vanity top

And I do love a good before and after…..

master bathroom before and after

Budget Breakdown

Building Materials:  469.03

Tile: 1587.16

Lighting: 84.97

Paint: 44.72

Faucets: 377.94

Vanity top: 138.00

Mirror: 69.99

Shower door: 428.56

Grand Total: 3200.37

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