Master Bathroom Plans

The master bathroom is a huge selling feature in a house, so you may be wondering why we’ve never shown you ours. Mainly that is because we don’t even use it. I know, we’ve been in this house for 6 months and we’re still sharing a shower with the kids. The major problem with our bathroom is the awkward layout.

master bathroom layout before The bathroom is divided into two rooms with one larger vanity open to the bedroom and another vanity tucked into its own small room with the shower and toilet. A linen closet sucks up space in the middle.  We have plans to majorly renovate this space into something more like this:

master bathroom layout plan It doesn’t seem drastic but in fact the entire wall and two doorways in the middle are now gone. The back wall will have 2 separate vanities connected by a drawer unit and a new linen cabinet. The shower will be enlarged and be surrounded on two sides by glass.

master bathroom plans Luckily this isn’t our first major bathroom reno (remember the vintage master in our first house and the cottagy hall bathroom?),  but this renovation is going to be labor intensive and expensive, so it’s in the 2-3 years plans. In the meantime we’re going to take on a phase 1 makeover in order to make the room actually usable as well as visually appealing. You may remember that a couple months ago we started the makeover by painting the area that is open to the bedroom. The walls are Gray Ghost (the same as the bedroom) and the trim went bright white.

bathroom before and after Phase 1 plans for this area are all cosmetic and include:

  • Paint the vanity dark gray (same color as the foyer)
  • Concrete the counter top
  • frame in the mirror
  • make a curtain to hide the trashcan
  • new faucet

It’s the actual bath “room” part that is problematic. This is by far and away the worst room in the house. The ceiling is actually covered in mold and the vent in the room is rusted. Moisture is obviously a problem in the room. We’ve even theorized that the missing bathroom door may have been the previous owners attempt to “fix” the humidity issue.

master bathroom before Phase 1 for this room include:

  • Patching up the large whole in the wall
  • Removing all the mold on the ceiling (not pictured) and installing a vent to prevent future moisture problems
  • Painting the walls, ceiling, and vanity
  • Making a concrete counter top
  • Removing the outdated and poor working shower doors and replacing them with a curtain
  • Framing the mirror
  • New faucet

Did I mention I plan on doing all of this with almost no money? Since anything we do now will eventually be ripped out in the reno we want to spend the least amount of money as possible. These projects will most likely get weaved in among other more “desirable” projects and won’t get all done at once.

Anyone else planning a bathroom makeover on a dime? I’d love to see more ideas!

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