Kitchen update: New stove and Ikea Fintorp

Ikea fintorp and samsung slide in electric range

Ok, so we’ve technically had the new stove for a couple of months, but the Ikea Fintorp system is new.  Let me start with the stove by going all the way back to when we bought the house. The kitchen came with this pretty decent black stove. We always knew we’d replace it, but decided to save up our money and work with this one for a while. Kitchen

Then the oven died conveniently right after we received our tax return back. The hunt was on for a new stove. This was actually a really difficult decision for us because there were so many on the market. We knew we wanted something industrial looking, but we didn’t have a Viking kind of budget. Finally we narrowed down what we really wanted to:

  • slide-in electric range
  • large stainless steel knobs
  • no lip around the stove top (for easy cleaning)
  • the less black and more stainless the better

We were hoping to find a scratch and dent, but it wound up that our wants severely limited our options. In the end we choose the Samsung 30 in slide in (model #NE58F9500SS) basically because we liked how it looked the best.

Samsung 30-in Smooth Surface 5-Element 5.8-cu ft Self-Cleaning with Steam Slide-In Convection Electric Range (Stainless Steel)

It was actually the knobs that sold us. It was really difficult to find an electric range with knobs. Apparently they are all touch screen these days.

samsung eletric range knobs

We snagged it on President’s Day for 10% off at East Coast Appliance, but it still ran us about $1800. That was about $800 more than I wanted to spend, but in the end we decided to go with the stove we really wanted rather than a cheaper one that we’d quickly regret, So far we love it!

Once we got the range installed; however, we quickly ran into another problem. A really white wall!


Typically with a slide in range people create some type of inset in the tile behind the stove to break up the large surface area. Unfortunately, when we installed our herringbone subway tile we didn’t know that we would eventually be purchasing a slide in. So, there sat this big white space just mocking me for months. Luckily while making a trip back from Northern Virginia I stopped at Ikea and immediately spotted the solution! The Ikea Fintorp series is a rail system (much like the Grundtal which we had in our last kitchen) that allows you to mix and match components to create a custom organization center.

utensil rail for kitchen

Not only did it fill in the black space above the stove, but it’s also super functional.  I choose to go with the large wire basket with handle, the flatware caddy in white which holds a Fejka artificial plant (that totally looks real), and a Rort spoon and fork set held up by Fintorp black hooks. I also upgraded our oil dispenser and salt and pepper grinders since they are now on display.

kitchen rail system with utensils

Total we spent about $44 on this whole system, and it’s worth every penny! Which is great since we had to drill into the tile to hang it.  I also decided that the range hood with all the cabinets was a little too white, so I broke it all up with a mint monogram that I painted then distressed using acrylic paint. Still not sure if we love it, but it’s staying for now.

panit range hood

This area of the kitchen is officially done which means the kitchen itself is almost done! Next up is refinishing the kitchen stairs, a built in banquette for the bay window , and a little bit of decorating!

electric slide in range with knobs

For now; however, I’m just enjoying that our kitchen no longer looks like this:

Kitchen before

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11 thoughts on “Kitchen update: New stove and Ikea Fintorp”

  1. Hi! I’m thrilled to have found your blog while doing some random google searches. We also bought that stove—we were able to snag the floor model on a total fluke! We are in the final stages of a house build, but what I found to be the most unusual is our choice of lighting. We bought two of the large barnlight electric pendants just like yours only I chose the rust stem instead of the galvanized. Ours will be installed next week. Cannot wait! We wanted that farmhouse feel but still with modern appliances. Anyway, I love how yours turned out! We have similar tastes. 🙂

    1. Thanks Laurie! I am so jealous you were able to find a floor model! We searched everywhere, but we were on a time crunch and couldn’t find one. I can’t wait to see your pendants. I was actually considering one of the Barn Light Electric goosenecks with the rust finish for our bathroom.

  2. This is such a gorgeous remodel! I love your style! We are in the middle of a kitchen reno too and I was looking at that exact same oven, lol. I was wondering if you had any info about how high the cooktop is from your floor or how thick your countertops are? I’m worried that the range will sit too high above my countertops (they’re 1.25″ thick quartz) and the online stats say it can only be adjusted at around 36″ which would leave me a 1/2 gap between the cooktop and the countertop so I’m a bit worried! Thanks in advance… I just love your kitchen!!!

    1. Thanks so much Adrienne! We absolutely love this stove! The only complaint I have about it is that the knobs are easy to accidentally turn, so you have to be careful when leaning over it or against it. So, from the floor to the top of the cook top is 36 in and our counter tops are 1.75 inches. I hope that helps!

  3. Hi!! Really wanting to buy these but am curious how you attached it to tile without drilling it?
    Super excited to hear your resolution!


    1. Hey Emily! We actually did drill into the tile to hang the rod. It’s just too heavy to use anything else. You could hang the rod with a rope or cable. You’d still have to drill into something, but you could put the screw holes up higher on the wall or screw into the bottom of a cabinet instead. Good luck!

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