Grand Staircase Makeover

The stairs are finally done! This project has been on our list since we first looked at our house. A couple of years ago we did a test trial makeover on our kitchen stairs and we absolutely loved the results.

Converting your stairs from carpet to wood treads is not particularly expensive (it was around $150 for the kitchen stairs and $200 for our grand staircase), but it is incredibly time intensive which is why it took us so long to get around to this project.

I’m not going to do another tutorial on these steps since I already broke it all down before when we did the kitchen stairs. ¬†We did everything exactly the same with the exception of wainscoting the wall.

The stairs finally feel part of the foyer instead of an afterthought.

Here is some before and afters for comparison.

The stairs came out so beautiful that it motivated us to finally design our office which is to the left of the staircase. More to come on that later and more to come on what we learned renovating two staircases.

Tutorials for this project:

How to make your own stair treads

Kitchen Staircase Makeover

Wainscot Tutorial

8 thoughts on “Grand Staircase Makeover”

  1. Hi Stephanie. I love both stair makeovers. I have a standard staircase that is in front of my front door leading to my upstairs similar to your kitchen staircase with treads of 35″ all the way up to the top landing. What I wanted to know if you left the existing risers. If so that would be perfect and less work. Also, do you think home depot would cut the treads for me. Thank you. Sheila Crew

    1. Hey Shelia! We did not leave the risers but that’s because ours were particle boards. Also whether or not Home Depot will cut them probably depends on how nice the person you ask is. Good luck with your project!

      1. Hi Stephanie. Glad to hear from you. I think I found someone that could do the cut work for me. My stairs are the contractor stairs. The risers and treads are pine wood. I also found a tread and rise kit on Lumber Liquidators too. Thanks for your input and response.

  2. So I definitely plan on using your excellent tutorial as my guide on my future project (30 yr old stairs)!! Did you use special walnut on these like you did in the kitchen? I really like the color but it didn’t look like the same as before.

    1. Hi Shae! I did usual the same stain for both sets of stairs. The foyer gets a lot more sunlight so that’s probably why the color looks a little different.I absolutely love the color though!

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