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I’m back this week with another Master Bathroom Update! I know we’ve been all over the house lately with projects (like the stove update from last week) and I promise we’re still working on the screened in porch makeover.  If you remember way back when, I shared our grand plans for the master bath. Phase 1 of this project is purely a cosmetic upgrade focusing on spending the least amount of money as possible.  To date I’ve spent exactly $0! Pretty amazing when you see how far it’s come in a second. Last you saw the bathroom it looked like this:

bathroom vanity plans

I had already painted the walls and the vanity, so next up was figuring out how to hide the storage tower and trash can in the weird vanity area. I searched around the house trying to come up with a plan for a vanity curtain and finally spotted this old pillow case that we were no longer using. Point 1 for upcycling!

old pillowcase

I also found some left over ribbon and stitch witchery from the family room curtain project that used to hem and embellish the pillow case.

pillow case curtain

You can get more details on adding ribbon to curtains with stitch witchery here. Next , using an old tension rod from Sophie’s closet I hung the curtains using some rod rings from Ikea. And that’s when I ran into my first problem.

master bathroom curtain

Because of the drawer I couldn’t get the rod high enough to keep the clips from showing. So, instead I had to go with a rod pocket design, but luckily I was able to reuse the curtain clips on the closet curtain. Point 2 for reusing! And look how much better the vanity looks now!

bathroom vanity curtain

This was such a strange little empty spot in the bathroom. I assume it was meant as a makeup counter where you could sit down, but I would never use it for that. Does anybody? It seemed like such a waste of space, but now it’s functional and the trashcan and storage unit are  successfully hidden!

bathroom vanity curtain

You may notice a couple of extra updates as well. The mirror is now framed in left over door trim from the foyer remodel (that would be Point 3 for upcycling!). The wall to the left also got some wide horizontal stripes thanks to some left over trim paint.

bathroom vanity makeover

This space is feeling so much more refreshed already!

budget bathroom makeover

And of course no makeover story would be complete without the before shot:

Master Bath before

It’s pretty amazing what you can do with no money just by shopping your house! Next up is concreting the countertops and some new art, which will require a little money. But for now I’m just going to sit back and enjoy not spending any money.

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3 thoughts on “Free Master Bathroom Updates”

  1. Love it all. We have a mirror in our tv room, that is in desperate need of trim. Hubby has an assortment of trim in his workshop, so now he has a project to look forward to. Thanks for that idea !

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