Day 9: Dance Party

Dance parties were something we used to do all the time at our old house, but we haven’t had one since June due to all the moving. The kids were pretty excited about doing it again tonight (so excited that I’m pretty sure they’re going to ask for one every night for the rest of the week). Our kids like to watch the music videos as they dance so we hook our laptop up to the TV in the family room and play the videos off YouTube. To get good sound we hook the TV to our iPod speaker dock. We let everyone pick a couple of their favorite songs to play. Here is our playlist from tonight:

  1. Mama Mia- Abba
  2. Super Trouper- Abba
  3. Party Rock Anthem- LMFAO
  4. 22- Taylor Swift
  5. Royals- Lorde
  6. Can’t Hold Us- Macklemore
  7. Counting Stars- One Republic
  8. People Like us- Kelly Clarkson
  9. Come and Get it- Selena Gomez
  10. This ain’t a scene- Fall Out Boy

*These are affiliate link buts if you click on them you can play a sample of each song….just in case we have different musical tastes and you have no idea what these songs are 🙂

We had a lot of fun together. After about the 4th song Sophie was the only one still dancing though. The rest of us were pooped and trying to recover on the couch. All the shuffling in Party Rock Anthem really took it out of us. Even after we stopped dancing; however, we still all cuddled together and kept singing.  This was by far my favorite activity we have done together so far!


31 days to a closer family

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