Day 8: Camping under the roof

I had a late night at work tonight, so as I was driving home I started to think about what we could do for our quality family time this evening. I didn’t want a repeat of last night where I almost forgot about the whole thing. Cody had told me on the phone that the kids were behaving tonight but making quite a mess in the house, so I wasn’t that surprised when I was met at the door by a smiling Sophie who wanted to show me a big surprise in the playroom. I braced myself for the mess they had made only to be met by our family’s tent which had been erected in the play room.


It winds up Cody and the girl’s had spent the previous hour erecting the tent, we’ve maybe used once before, and preparing a dinner for all of us to have in it. Surprises of this nature are not common in our household. Cody is a fantastic father and husband but planning is exactly his strong suit. It was so nice to come home and not have plan anything for once. I didn’t have to worry about dinner or family activities. Sigh….what a relief. The novelty of eating inside a tent won the kids over immediately and they have now decided we must go on a  real camping trip. Cody and I are game but we told them there would be no singing of “Trouble” by Taylor Swift around the campfire! That deflated Sophie a little, at least until we started singing “Hakuna Matata” and told her we would all learn it before we go camping together. Overall it was a very enjoyable evening. I found I was able to enjoy it even more because I wasn’t in charge of anything. And after Cody sort of bowed out on family time last night, I’m really glad that he got to make up for it with extra time with the girls tonight. Now I better get on planning that camping trip……..


Your turn: What trip would you love to bring your children on?

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