Day 6: Field Day

We’ve be blessed with another beautiful fall evening here in Virginia, so we decided to take advantage of it with a trip to our neighborhood park for a field day. I choose a field day instead of just a park visit because going to the park usually entails:

kids on play equipment + mommy and daddy watching from the bench = not a lot of quality time together.

The plan was to have mini races of running, skipping, jumping and other activities. At 2 and 4 my kids think running is one of the best games ever invented, so when I cam up with the idea of a field day I thought I was one clever mama. Off we went to this fantastic field that the city maintains next your our neighborhood park.

field day I must have been having a brain fart today or I’m actually starting to lose brain cells from inhaling too many paint fumes, but apparently I forgot a cardinal parenting rule: once kids see a playground all bets are off.  We did manage to get them to run around and jump with us for a few minutes, but it was obvious that the park was a constant distraction for them. After about 5 minutes of running around, we gave in and took the kids to the play ground.

sophie and daddy We did make an effort to engage them in play instead of just sitting on the bench. And let me tell you sitting on the bench was very enticing with the beautiful sunset and light breeze blowing my hair.  Luckily there is a decent little walk back to the car where we all got to play and chase each other again. I even managed to get Cody to take a picture with me in it.

field day So while our original plans fell through (something that we knew was bound to happen) we still had a great time together. I wish this weather would last forever, because it does seem to put everyone in a better mood.

Your turn: Have you ever planned a fun filled day that your kid’s weren’t interest in?

This post is part of the 31 days to a closer family series.

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