Day 5: Family Bike Ride

31 days to a closer family

Well It’s October and we reached 90 here in Virginia today. It actually got too hot for a while this afternoon, but luckily it cooled off nicely for this evening. In fact with a temp around 80 and a light breeze it was the perfect night for a family bike ride. I don’t know what it is about riding a bike that makes me feel so relaxed and carefree, but I’ll take that any time I can get it.  Cody and I used to go on long bike rides all the time, but that was pre-kids. Since then we’ve been in that awkward stage where one kid just really isn’t big enough to go, so one parent always has to stay behind. But all that is changing now! Sophie got a bike for her 4th birthday thereby freeing up the toddler carrier on Cody’s bike for Lizzie. This was actually our first real attempt to teach Sophie how to ride. She’s had the bike for about 3 weeks; however, we couldn’t locate her helmet so we wouldn’t let her ride it anywhere but the backyard. We finally located her helmet today, so we were off on an adventure!

First up was making sure that Princess Wolfie Pie was properly secured in her bike seat. Sophie is ever so safety conscious.

bike ride

Next, I tried to help her get on her bike, but she threw a fit and insisted she could do it herself. She surprised me by doing just that. I opted not ride tonight, so that I could help Sophie out. Every once in a while she needs a little boost to get going and she constantly needed reminders to look up and not at her feet. Overall she did awesome and even more was that she was having so much fun doing it! She took instruction really well and never got upset when we gave her advice. She did take one little fall that resulted in some crying, but after I stood her back up she insisted on getting right back on her bike and was laughing again within seconds. Such a proud Mama!

bike ride

Lizzie seemed to be having a good time too just chilling behind Daddy. I don’t feel like she got that much quality time; however, since we were both focused on teaching Sophie.  When we got done with the bike ride Lizzie ran right over to Sophie’s bike, so I put her up on it and pushed her around our yard for a few minutes and boy did her little face light up like a firecracker. Because it was such a beautiful evening here we did get some extra playing in the yard time before dinner where Lizzie was able to wheedle out a little more quality time of her own with Daddy.


Your turn: How do your children respond to your instruction? Does it result in quality family time or utter melt downs?

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  1. Sounds like an enjoyable evening. The photos are very sweet. When my kids were small, we would put on in a toddler seat and strap the other one in one of those kiddie backpack contraptions. Not very safe at all, now that I think about it! 🙂

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