Day 31: A little perspective

It’s the final day of the 31 days to a closer family challenge! Can you believe it? I certainly can. I’d thought I’d finish up this series with a little perspective on how it turned out for our family, but let’s start with how incredibly happy I am not to write another post of about this. That was definitely the hardest part of this challenge. The night’s where we could hardly squeeze in family time were made even more difficult by having to sit down afterwards to write about our experiences. I love sharing the details of our lives with all of you, but I am very happy to be able to do it on my time table again.

Our favorites

So to start with I think it’s safe to say that we barely stuck to the schedule we started with; however, the schedule did provide us with an outline and ideas for those nights when we had to pull something out of thin air. And there were plenty of nights when we did pull an idea out of thin air or something just fell into place all on it’s own. Not every night provided great quality time but here were a few of our favorites:

Cody:Family Bike ride and Camping under the roof

Stephanie: Tea Party and Dance Party

Sophie: Gymnastics night and Wolfie Pie’s Birthday

Lizzie: Field Day and Cookie Monsters


Results of the challenge

You may remember back in the introduction for this challenge I mentioned that part of the reason we were doing it was because as a family we were incredibly stressed out, the kids were acting out, and we weren’t spending much time together. So, you probably want to know now if completing the challenge helped at all. I thought I’d illustrate with two short scenarios that really happened.

#1- 31 days ago

I came home from work tired but missing seeing the kids after just going back to work after a year off. I walked in the door and saw Lizzie. As I smiled at her she started screaming and ran to Cody. When I tried to take her from Cody she freaked out started screaming “no” and lunged back for him.  This happened almost everyday for 2 weeks. I want to cry……

#2- yesterday

I got home from work at 7:00 PM. I was tired from a long busy day. As I walk up the front steps Lizzie sees me coming and runs to the door and starts clapping her hands. When I open the door and smile at her she starts dancing and then throws her arms up yelling “mama up”. The best part of my day!

Since starting this challenge both kids have stopped acting out. No more temper tantrums, no more being mad at one parent or the other. Sophie asks every night what we are going to do for family time. When I tried to explain to her that the challenge was now over, she didn’t take it well. So despite it sometimes being a pain in the butt I would say we have successfully accomplished what we set out to do: bring our family closer together. So where so we go from here? We have no intentions of continuing to schedule out our family time or stressing about getting it in everyday, but we have found that spending quality time together has become more natural. I find myself putting down my work to read a book or cuddle on the couch without feeling resentful. I no longer feel the need to jump on the computer the second I get home and start working either.

I’m so glad we decided to take up this challenge and I hope you will too!  If you decide to take it on please leave a comment and let us know how it is going for you!

31 days to a closer family


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xoxo Stephanie

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