Day 30: Halloween Family Style

Tonight is Halloween and the kids are super excited, but let’s face it. Halloween isn’t exactly a family holiday.  We decided to up the quality time by inviting some of girl’s friends over to our home for trick or treating this year.


We served pizza for dinner and the kids were able to all get ready together. At 6:00 we headed outside to hit the sidewalks. We didn’t think it was fair for any parent to get left behind to hand out candy, so we left a bowl on our fronts steps, and surprisingly there was still some left when we got home. Trick or treating was a lot of fun.  Us adults had thermoses full of spiked cider and the kids had buckets full of candy.  They were all so cute running around together and the older kids gave extra special help to the younger ones. It will be hard for future Halloween’s to live up to this one!


31 days to a closer family

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