Day 3: Feeding the Obsession

31 days to a closer family

Welcome to 31 days to a closer family! I call day 3’s activity “Feeding the Obsession”. The goal is to pick one of your child’s newest obsessions and explore it further together as a family. I love this activity because it will

  1. Keep your child’s interest since it is something they love.
  2. Push your child to explore and learn new things about their newest obsession.
  3. Engage the whole family in the child’s newest interest.

Ever since I brought home that silver tea set from the thrift store (I shared it previously with my Facebook fans) the girls have been obsessed with having a tea party. Since Thursdays are girls nights in our house (Cody has grad school) I thought it was the perfect opportunity to have a fancy dancy real live tea party! I told the girls about it this morning and they were excited all day. Nothing like building up the anticipation. I set the coffee table with a tablecloth, runner, tea set, and vintage tea cups and saucers that I inherited from Cody’s grandparents.

tea party

At this point Sophie started to get a little concerned about have a “real” tea party and started demanding that we have a “pretend” one instead. I distracted her by have us all dress up for the party. We all picked our favorite dresses and put on necklaces and big bows in our hair. If I owned large hats we would’ve totally rocked those, but we had to make do with bows and flowers instead. Finally, we got to sit down to our tea. I choose an Cinnamon Apple Spice herbal tea (warning: super yummy affiliate link)for our first try. I showed the girls how to put the bags into our tea cups, then I poured the hot water in (I also explained that only adults were allowed to pour the water). Lizzie unfortunately got excited and ripped her bag open and poured into her cup. Next, I showed them how to add sugar from the sugar bowl. This was Lizzie’s favorite part; however, all the sugar seemed to make it into her mouth and not into her cup. We stirred our tea and gave it some tea to steep (and cool down).

tea party

We’ve taken to having pizza on Thursday nights and our newest obsession is Papa Murphy’s. If you haven’t tried it yet you are missing out. They’re a pizza franchise but all the pizza’s are take and bake. Because they are not frozen they only take 12 minutes to cook. Anyways, we ate our pizza as we let our tea steep. Finally it was tea time. Sophie was convinced the whole time that she wasn’t going to like the tea. I convinced her that it was going to taste like warm apple juice. She finally gave in and tried it. She was the first one to finish her tea.  We practiced how to sip from our tea cup and even how to drink with our pinkie’s out. Everyone had a great time. I got to sit across from Lizzie who spent the whole time playing footsie with me and giggling.

tea party

Overall we had a great time. The girl’s now know how to make their own tea and Sophie even has a new appreciation for drinking it. I think there will be plenty of tea parties in my future. Oh, and since the city finally turned our water back on, we were able to follow up tea time with bath time! Unfortunately, that also means I have no excuse not to wash the dishes tonight….

Your turn: What is your child’s newest obsession?

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