Day 27: Going-a-Visiting

As in the old fashion idea of actually just walking over and visiting with neighbors. I think in an internet age this is an idea we should bring back into fashion. Tonight we decided to put our kids in the stroller and walk over to our friends/neighbor’s house down the street. It was a really nice night for a walk and the kids were excited to get out of the house. When we got to the house the kids were happy to explore a new environment and play with new puppies. I actually found that I was able to enjoy the time with our friends and kids easier because I was away from all the daily distractions of home. I also think it was a nice way to teach our kids how to be sociable in person and not just online. Everyone had such a great time that we actually decided to make it a weekly tradition. So, I challenge you to go out and visit with a friend for no other reason that to just talk!


31 days to a closer family

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