Day 26: Create a Tradition

Kid’s love traditions! They love them even more when they are holiday oriented. So, today I challenge you to create a family tradition (or engage in one you already have).

One tradition we started when Sophie was born was going pumpkin picking every fall at a local farm. This was the first year that Lizzie actually knew what was going on (and could walk), so it was a lot more fun! We were smart this year and remembered to bring our wagon to carry our haul. Lizzie really wanted to ride with the pumpkins and Sophie decided that as the resident “big girl” in the family it was her job to pull Lizzie around. Que the super cute picture shots!

pumpkin picking

It helped that we had fantastic weather this year too. Now we just have to decide how we want to carve them. The girls already have some ideas in mind and they all involve princesses….. And just for kicks I put this together:

pumpkin collage

Your turn: What are your favorite family traditions?

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