Day 25: Party Time

Tonight we hosted our first party at the new house. It was a birthday/housewarming/birthday party.  See, Cody and his sister have the same birthday 5 years apart, so we decided to just throw one big party! Because it was such a busy day getting ready for the party we knew family time was going to be difficult, so we decided to actively engage the kids in helping set-up.  Sophie helped me make the punch and set out all the food. They both helped Cody blow-up balloons and distribute them through the house. Sophie even helped clean up her room and the playroom! Lizzie decided she was best suited to being the cupcake guard and while we had our backs turned she ate three cupcakes in a matter of minutes! Here she is looking not a bit guilty about it either:


Typically, we would have ignored the kids or locked them up somewhere (playroom maybe?) in order to focus on everything we needed to accomplish, but it was really nice to have them help. Not only were they less annoying then if we had tried to keep them away, but I feel like they were even more excited about the party because they felt like they had ownership of it too. Sophie was a great hostess and made sure all her friends saw everything she helped with!


31 days to a closer family

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